Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI)

Researchers in the domains of Environment & Sustainability and Life Sciences & eHealth can apply for funding and support of the NLeSC to adress compute-intesive and/or data-driven problems.


The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to enable domain scientists, working in application fields of Environment & Sustainability or Life Science & eHealth, to address compute-intensive and/or data-driven problems within their research.

Successful proposals will pursue new scientific domain challenges and enhance and accelerate the process of scientific discovery within the field of application. To achieve this, the proposals will be characterized by the usage, adaptation, and integration of eScience methods and tools.

Who can apply

Proposals can be submitted by researchers from any Dutch university or research institute which is affiliated with NWO or KNAW, as well as by researchers from any non-academic publicly-funded non-profit knowledge institution.

Further requirements
The PI must:

  • have a PhD;
  • have a proven track record and research experience relevant to the proposal;
  • remain effectively involved in the project throughout the funding period.

It is strongly encouraged to have links with business partners in order to enlarge the potential for valorization of the project.

What to apply for

A grant may be requested for a maximum total budget of 500 K Euro, and a maximum project duration of 48 months.

The following funding is allowed in this funding scheme:

  • A maximum of 250 K Euro for local personnel (e.g. postdoc, UD or UHD positions, or a partial PhD student position).
  • A minimum of 2.5 FTE in terms of support provided by personnel employed by NLeSC, with each 1.0 FTE representing 1680 hours.
  • A maximum of 50k Euro for project-related equipment, software, and (non-NLeSC personnel) travel expenses. 

The costs for equipment and software must equal or exceed 5k Euro, and its necessity must be justified; Travel expenses must be incurred by the project team members, with a maximum of 10K Euro. The necessity of travel in connection with the project must be justified.

When to apply

  • The deadline for the submission of pre-proposals was Thursday 18 May, 14:00 CEST.
  • The deadline for submission of full proposals was Thursday 31 August 14:00 CEST.

Submission of a full proposal is possible only after participation in the pre-proposal round.



Pre-proposals and full proposals will be assessed on the following three criteria:

  • Scientific quality
  • Scientific novelty and impact
  • eScience state-of-the-art, dissemination and sustainability
  • Lateral impact, re-use and sustainability

In the overall assessment of the (pre-)proposal, all four criteria will be weighted as 25% of the total score.


The scientific and technical assessment of the pre-proposals is carried out by the assessment committee. The assessment committee will assess the proposals based on the criteria mentioned above, and advise the board of the NLeSC on the ranking of the proposals. The Board of the NLeSC will recommend the highest scoring PI's to submit a full proposal.

Full proposals will be assessed by external referees, on which the applicant receives the opportunity to respond in a rebuttal. The assessment committee will prioritize the proposals based in the reviews of the external reviewers and the rebuttal. Applicantions are assessed within their own discipline area. The assessment committee will advise the Board of the NLeSC on the prioritization. The Board of the NLeSC is responsible for the final granting descision.

More information

This call is processed by NWO for the Netherlands eScience Center(NLeSC). The Board of the NLeSC descides in granting and rejection, and all grants will be awarded by the NLeSC. For more information about the NLeSC, please visit: <>

For more information about this call for proposals, please visit the NLeSC call page.


Contact NWO:

Joep van Wijk MSc, Secretary of the ASDI program
Tel.: + 31 (0)6 30 36 9802



Closed for application


31 August 2017 14:00

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1 million euro

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Exact and Natural Sciences Netherlands e-Science Center (NLeSC)


Curiosity driven research and talent (2015-2018)


Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC)


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