Lorentz Center

The Lorentz Center, located at the University of Leiden, is an international center dedicated to the organisation of interactive workshops. These are often in the domain of the sciences, but interaction with and broadening towards the humanities and social sciences is encouraged.


Collaborative and ground breaking science

The Lorentz Center organizes both mono- and multidisciplinary workshops. It encourages ground breaking and innovative research, also in relation to the big societal challenges.

The focus of the Lorentz Center is on stimulating collaboration between researchers and research communities, also outside the academic world. A characteristic of the workshops is the amount of time dedicated to discussion and informal interaction to create options to come to new collaborations quickly.

The Lorentz Center organizes a number of workshops in close collaboration with other scientific institutions in the Netherlands and abroad. Together with the NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences), the Lorentz Center grants fellowships for interdisciplinary research, connecting the humanities and social sciences with the sciences. The collaboration with CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire) focusses on leading-edge workshops in the domain of computational simulation and modelling. Together with the NLeSC (Netherlands eScience Center) the Lorentz  Center organizes an annual workshop bringing together big data and computational sciences.

Workshop format   

A workshop usually lasts 5 days and has, at maximum 25 (Lorentz@Snellius) or 55 (Lorentz@Oort) participants. Active participation of both senior and junior scientists and scholars is encouraged. The number of talks is deliberately kept low in order to provide ample time for discussion and collaboration.

A professional staff takes care of the practical organisation of the workshops, so the organisers can focus on the content. The center was evaluated by an international panel in 2013. This gave the center the score excellent on all relevant criteria. The evaluation report can be found here. This has led NWO to the decision to maintain the financial support for the Lorentz Center in the coming years.

Who can apply

Proposals for workshops can be submitted by any researcher, in any country and any scientific or scholarly discipline.

What  to apply for

Proposals for organisational and financial support for international workshops at the Lorentz Center can be submitted. These will be evaluated by monodisciplinary advisory boards. Proposals can be submitted through the website of the Lorentz Center (www.lorentzcenter.nl).

When to apply

There are three deadlines a year for the submission of proposals for workshops: 30 January, 30 May, 30 September.


The criteria and the procedure for evaluation can be found at the website of the Lorentz Center (www.lorentzcenter.nl)



Temporarily closed for application


30 September 2018 23:59

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Cooperation and Exchange

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities Applied and Engineering Sciences


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