Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes

Astronomers in the Netherlands are invited to apply for observation time at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes on La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain).


Astronomers can apply for observing time at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING) on La Palma. The ING consists of the 4.2 m William Herschel Telescope (WHT) and the 2.5 m Isaac Newton Telescope (INT).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a delay in WEAVE’s first light, there is opportunity to apply for WHT time in semester 2020A after all.  Besides the regular call, which was exceptionally a call for INT time only (call closed in September 2019), an additional call is issued for WHT time (deadline 29 November 2019).

Who can apply

Researchers in astronomy with a Dutch affiliation.

What to apply for

Dutch observing time for the INT and WHT telescopes. The available observing time per semester is approximately 45 nights on the INT. Semester A runs from 1 February until 31 July, semester B runs from 1 August until 31 January.

Large proposals (8 or more nights in one semester) and long-term proposals (requesting time over more than one semester) will be considered. With respect to upcoming changes in the ING instrumentation (see also document at the bottom of this page), please get in touch with the NWO programme manager when considering submitting a long-term proposal.

When to apply

  • Deadline for applying for WHT time in  semester 20A is 29 November 2019.
  • The yearly deadline for submitting proposals for observing time in Semester A, (1 February – 31 July) is around 15 September.
  • The yearly deadline for submitting proposals for observing time in Semester B , (1 August – 31 January) is around 15 March.



Proposals will be assessed by the ING Programme Committee of NWO. Because proposals for observing time come from many different fields of research, we recommend you to keep in mind that not all members of the Programme Committee are experts in your specific area of research. Please include the necessary background information and clearly formulate the relevance of your science question and how the requested data will contribute to answering this science question.


The Programme Committee of NWO assesses proposals for Dutch observing time. International proposals are assessed by a different committee.

In general the telescope organisation will inform you on the success of your proposal approximately three months after submission. Around the same time, you will also receive feedback from the Programme Committee. 

More information 

more information on preparing an observing time proposal for the ING can be found on this website of the ING. 



Open for application


29 November 2019 14:00

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Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences


Research (2019-2022)


Mw. dr. Katrien Uytterhoeven Mw. dr. Katrien Uytterhoeven (+31 (0)70 344 09 48