Green III - A circular agricultural system in the Netherlands: from aspiration to reality

Let op gewijzigde sluitingsdatum: De gehele planning van de ronde wordt met twee maanden uitgesteld ten opzichte van de oorspronkelijke planning (de sluitingsdatum hiernaast weergegeven).

NWO’s policy towards funding and the impact of the coronavirus

As a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus, NWO has drafted a guideline to provide applicants with clarity. NWO takes into consideration that under these circumstances it is not always possible that all candidates have an equal opportunity to submit their applications and it is important that we are confident when evaluating applications that we are doing so correctly.

Please note deadline shifts: The deadline for rounds whose pre-registration deadline has already passed, and for which detailed applications need to be submitted, will be extended by two months.

The closing date shown on this page is not up to date. It gives no indication of the new closing date. NWO will communicate the new time frame for this call, including the current closing date, as soon as it becomes clear how long the measures restricting physical contact will last.

For more information about measures for which no deadlines have passed yet – ongoing rounds - , and updates on this temporary guideline go to

Please note that ISAAC will not be available in the weekend of 28 June to 1 July, due to technical procedures. We advise you to take this into account when working on your proposal and the submission.


A consortium of researchers and private partners may apply for funding for research that helps bring about a radical change to the existing agricultural system. That is to be done through knowledge development and innovation that will assist migration to robust, future-proof food supply systems that are ecologically sustainable, support biodiversity and circularity, and contribute as little as possible to climate change, while also taking account of food safety and healthy diets.

Report and presentations Green III workshop

If you have not been able to attend the Green III workshop, then you can download the report and presentations here.

On 27 May 2019, the day before Life2019, NWO will organise a workshop for Green III applicants. Aim of the workshop is to match applications with the aims of the call (chapter 2) and align proposals with other initiatives where possible (creating synergies, preventing overlap).

If you are interested to participate, more information about the programme of this workshop can be found in this calender item.

Deadline for registration is 20 May, 2019.


With the Green III programme, NWO is encouraging new fundamental and precompetitive scientific research projects. By doing so, NWO wants to strengthen the knowledge base and encourage interdisciplinary research that leads to the application of knowledge within and between the top sectors Agri&Food and Horticulture & Propagation Materials.

Research undertaken in the context of this programme must yield new knowledge that contributes to the required comprehensive change to the existing agricultural system. That demands a systemic approach, where the complexity of the whole agricultural system, including the economic, social and ecological aspects, is studied.

Who can apply 

A principal applicant submits the application on behalf of the project consortium. The consortium should consist of at least two knowledge institutions and at least two private and/or public partners, including at least one private co-financier. In addition, one or more additional private and/or (semi-)public partners may take part in the consortium.

The principal applicant must be a researcher at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO. The principal applicant must have a paid employment contract as full, associate or assistant professor or researcher with a comparable appointment, for at least the duration of the application process and the research for which funding is requested.

What to apply 

It is possible to apply for NWO financing of maximally 1,100,000 euro. Matching by private and/or public partners is obligatory. The private and public partners in the project consortium together should contribute at least 20% of the project costs. Contributions can be in cash or in kind.

The financial resources (NWO funding plus cash co-funding) can only be used for:

  • Personnel costs: Temporary scientific personnel (PhD student, postdoc) and temporary non-scientific personnel (student assistants, programmers, technical assistants, analysts, et cetera).
  • Material costs related to spending required in order to perform the research. 
  • Costs associated with knowledge utilisation.
  • Costs associated with internationalisation.

In addition to the main budget, a further budget of up to 60,000 euro per project is available for 'Enabling Technologies Hotels', in connection with a pilot for the 'ETH-inside' initiative. Please see the Call for Proposals for the details.

When to apply

  • The closing date for the submission of proposals was 4 July 2019, 14:00 hrs (CET).



Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
A. Scientific quality
B. Potential for social and economic application

The two criteria are of equal importance in the context of assessment and prioritization.


The procedure comprises the following stages:

  • Determining the admissibility of the applications;
  • Review by foreign referees and rebuttal;
  • Assessment by a committee, comprising renowned researchers with a background in the relevant scientific disciplines and representatives from the private and societal sector;
  • Decision by the NWO Domain Science Board based on the selection committee's advice.




Temporarily closed for application


4 July 2019 14:00

Grant type



3,300,000 euro

Science area

Applied and Engineering Sciences




Research (2019-2022)


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