Fundamental knowledge for responsible blockchain innovations

Multidisciplinaire consortia can apply for the funding of cohesive research in the area of responsible Blockchain innovations as described in the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda.


The overacrching vision outlined in the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda is as follows:

"Blockchain research is best directed at identifying and creating the conditions to steer the development of blockchain technology toward maximizing its potential for societal good; and to the exlusion or remediation of undesirable developments"

The purpose of this programme is to lend, by means of a coherent research programme, substance to the Dutch Blockchain Research Agenda. The proposed research should be explicitly mindful of the potential societal impact of Blockchain innovations and should therefore accordingly be supported from all the relevant disciplines.

Who can apply

A principal applicant submits on the application on behalf of a project consortium. This consortium is composed of the principal applicant and of at least two co-applicants. Multidisciplinarity is evident from the inclusion in the consortium of both the (technological) science perspective and a social sciences and/or humanities perspective. The consortium, furthermore, should include at least one private partner, although participation of additional private and/or (semi-) public partners is encouraged.

Applicants must be researchers at a Dutch university or a research institute recognised by NWO. Principal and co-applicants must have a paid employment contract for at least the duration of the application process and the research for which funding is requested, and hold a PhD and/or be a professor.

What to apply for

The NWO budget that can be applied for is M€ 1.5. Part of this budget (0.65 M€ ) is available until July 2022; the remainder is available for five years after granting. The NWO contribution is at least 50% and at most 80% of the programme budget.

Private co-funding must account for at least 20% (i.e. minimally M€ 0,38) of the programme budget; half of which may be in-kind.

The grant, including the cash contribution by partners, can only be used for: 

  • Temporary scientific personnel (PhD student, postdoc) and temporary non-academic staff (technician).
  • Material costs related to spending required in order to perform the research.
  • Money follows Cooperation: Collaboration with international partners.
  • Costs associated with knowledge transfer and internationalisation may, to a limited extent, be included in the budget to be financed by the grant.   

When to apply

  • The deadline for the mandatory "Expressions of Interest" was Februari 28, 2019, 14:00 hours (CET).
  • The deadline for full proposals was April 9, 2019, 14:00 hours (CEST).



The proposals will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Scientific Quality (40%);
  2. Quality of the consortium (40%)
  3. Impact (20%)


The procedure comprises the following stages:

  • Determining the admissibility of the applications;
  • Review by foreign referees and rebuttal;
  • Assessment by a committee, comprising renowned researchers with a background in the relevant scientific disciplines and representatives from the private and societal sector;
  • Decision by accredited board within NWO on the selection committee’s advice.

More Information

The Expressions of Interest can not be submitted via ISAAC, please email to



Closed for application


9 April 2019 14:00


1,5 mln. euro

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences Social Sciences and Humanities


Dhr. dr. R. Sharpe Dhr. dr. R. Sharpe +31 70 344 06 82