Innovation Fund for Chemistry - KIEM

Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM) is intended for public-private co-operation of an SME and a university, or an SME and a university plus an HBO-institution. KIEM is also available for chemical start-ups. Projects are funded for 20% by the industry and for 80% by NWO.


KIEM is one of the public-private partnership types financed by the Innovation Fund Chemistry, in which SMEs together with universities and HBO-institutions can tackle a practical research question. KIEM should make it easier for SMEs to approach knowledge institutions. The Innovation Fund Chemistry welcomes new initiatives that fit within the roadmaps of the Topsector Chemistry.


A so-called ‘passendheidsverklaring’ from the Topsector Chemistry should accompany your application. More details here.

Who can apply

The main applicant is a researcher employed by a Dutch university or by a research institute recognised by NWO. Also a lecturer employed by an HBO-institution can act as main applicant, provided that at least one co-applicant is employed at a Dutch university. The main applicant represents a public-private consortium of at least one SME and at least one knowledge institute. Participating companies are located in the Netherlands. Commitment of participating companies must already be evident when the application is submitted. The expertise of the knowledge institute and of the SME should be complementary.

Companies (SME too) and other types of organisations are not eligible for direct NWO funding.

What can be applied for

Eligible for remuneration are costs of temporary personnel appointed to the project at the knowledge institute or at the HBO-institution, and project-specific costs for materials. The participating knowledge institutes contribute from their own resources to the costs of the required infrastructure and the supervision of the project staff.

The size of the project is maximally 18,750 euro, of which the SME contributes 3,750 euro and NWO 15,000 euro.

When can be applied

 KIEM applications can be submitted continuously until 31 October 2017. Generally six weeks after submission the funding decision is taken.

NOTE: This application round will be closed when the Innovation Fund’s financial means have been exhausted.



Applications are assessed for:

  • Quality of application
  • Innovation potential and knowledge utilisation
  • Composition of the team


The application is assessed by the PPP Council, that advises the Board of 'Exacte en Natuurwetenschappen'. The Board of 'Exacte en Natuurwetenscahppen' takes the final funding decision.



Open for application


Continuous application

Grant type



Total of approx. 11 million euro in 2016/2017 for all types of public-private partnerships in IFC

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences


Facilitating knowledge utilisation (2011-2014)

NWO in transition: changes funding instruments

On 1 January 2017, NWO will adopt a new organisation structure. Current funding instruments will remain unchanged until a decision about any change is taken. NWO will announce this change at least six months in advance. 2017 will be a transition year and the new funding instruments will become effective no later than 1 January 2018.


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