Innovation Fund Chemistry (IFC)

The Innovation Fund Chemistry (the former Fund New Chemical Innovations) intends to promote cooperation and transfer of knowledge between universities and companies.

The Innovation Fund Chemistry welcomes new initiatives that fit within the roadmaps of the Topsector Chemistry. Verification of the fit is carried out by the TKI Chemistry.

Who can apply

Applications are submitted by an academic researcher on behalf of a consortium of companies and researchers appointed at a Dutch university or at a research institute recognised by NWO. KIEM-applications can also be submitted by lecturers appointed at an HBO-institution, provided that at least one co-applicant is appointed at a Dutch university.

At least one company (CHIPP, LIFT, KIEM) or two companies (TA) participate(s) in a consortium. Companies are not eligible for direct NWO funding, but contribute in cash and/or in kind to the research. Commitment of participating companies must already be evident when the application is submitted.

The Innovation Fund Chemistry endeavours to fully involve SMEs in its activities. SMEs are therefore invited to participate in the consortia.

What can be applied for

The Innovation Fund Chemistry facilitates several types of public-private partnerships, from small to larger size:

  • KIEM (Knowledge Innovation Mapping): short-term initiatives in which SMEs together with universities and/or HBO-institutions can tackle a practical research question.
  • LIFT (Launchpad for Innovative Future Technology): initiatives of at least one company and at least one knowledge institute in which the research question of the company is conducted and financed in two phases.
  • TA (Technology Area): initiatives of consortia of at least two companies and at least two knowledge institutes in which the research questions of the participating companies are addressed coherently.
  • CHIPP (Chemical Industrial Partnership Programme): initiatives of at least one company and at least two knowledge institutes focused strongly on research questions of the company.

Each partnership has specific conditions with regard to minimum and maximum size and in cash contribution of the industry. Industry and NWO contribute in different ratios to the funding of the various partnerships.


Grant type



Open for application


Continuous application


Total of approx. 11 million euro in 2016/2017 for all types of public-private partnerships in IFC


Facilitating knowledge utilisation (2011-2014)

Science area

Exact and Natural Sciences


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