Lodging an objection

When applicants do not agree with a funding decision, they can lodge an objection with NWO's Executive Board within six weeks of the date of the decision.

By submitting a letter of objection you initiate a severe procedure. Therefore we recommend to contact the secretary of the funding round first, to obtain a more detailed explanation of the decision you have received.

In principle, NWO confirms the receipt of an objection within one week. In its response, NWO also states whether the objection is admissible, or whether other information will be requested so that a decision about the admissibility can be taken.

Objections Committee

As soon as NWO has decided that the objection is admissible, it is passed on to the secretary of the Objections Committee. NWO's Executive Board will base its decision on the advice of this committee.

The committee has a chair, vice chair, and a maximum of 15 members. None of the committee members are employed by NWO. They are all independent. NWO's Executive Board appoints the chair, vice chair and members for a period of three years. A member can be reappointed twice for another period of three years.

During a hearing, the Objections Committee gives the applicant the opportunity to explain his or her objection in greater detail, and NWO's representative explains NWO's position. The members of the Objections Committee can pose questions to both parties.

After the hearing, an advice is compiled by the Objections Committee. This is sent with a report of the hearing to NWO's Executive Board. The Board should take a decision about the objection within six weeks of the date the hearing took place.

When applicants do not agree with the decision taken, they can lodge an appeal with a court of law. If that decision is not acceptable, the applicant can lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.