After granting

NWO will formally notify you about the awarding of your proposal in an award letter. In this post-award phase there are various issues that you should take into account, such as the NWO Regulation on Granting, the appointment of personnel, progress reports and the final report and final financial report.

The grant is awarded under the General Terms and Conditions that can be found in the NWO Regulation on Granting. In the award letter any additional terms and conditions that NWO poses for the funding awarded can be found. The award letter also includes a ‘start form’. The start form requests payment details and contains information about the tranches in which you will receive the funding from NWO. You are kindly requested to fill in, sign and return this form.

Appointing personnel

If you are the only researcher on the project, for example with a Veni or Rubicon grant, you can start the project as long as all of the conditions have been satisfied. If you want to appoint personnel then you will probably start with the recruitment of employees: PhDs, postdocs, and non-scientific personnel such as technicians. The award letter states within how many months after funding has been awarded the research must start. Each appointment within your NWO research project must be separately reported to NWO via the ‘Personnel Information Form’. This also applies if changes take place during the course of the project. Forms can be found on the website and in Iris, the electronic system of NWO. The underlying principle for these appointments is: personnel appointed with NWO funding have the same rights and duties as other employees at the university or knowledge institution. Agreements have been made about the remuneration of personnel costs and these can be found in the Approval of Funding Scientific Research.

Project progress

As the project leader you should report on the scientific progress of the project and the actual spending of the funds awarded throughout the duration of the project. You will receive further guidelines about this in the award letter. As soon as important changes or bottlenecks occur in the realisation of the project then you should inform NWO of these and agreements about these will be made with NWO.The project budget usually includes a bench fee for travel and printing costs within the framework of the project. Usually no account has to be given for the spending of this bench fee.

NWO wants to be kept informed about all of the ‘output’  that the research yields, such as PhD theses, scientific publications, popular articles, books, conference papers and patents. Also abstracts, editing work, inaugural speeches, prototypes and your appearances in the media, are outcomes of the research. They form the basis for the progress reports and impact analysis of funding by NWO. NWO requests this information from the researcher and the researcher is obliged to provide this.

In principle, you report the project progress via the electronic system of NWO: you upload reports as PDF files; for articles, publications and other research output you state the publication data. As soon as you need to submit a report you will be notified about this . Forms and a manual for this can be found on the website and in the electronic system.

NWO publishes the key details of your project (applicant, duration, budget, etc.) and references to the published output in an online project overview, unless copyright rules or agreements about intellectual property prevent this. In addition, NWO wants to make the often complex matter of scientific research accessible to a wider public. That happens via the NWO website, news releases written by NWO, via popular publications and also – via NWO – in the media.

Project completion

Three months after the completion of your project, NWO expects to receive a final report and a financial final report. In the final report you describe what the project has yielded in terms of results and products. In the financial report you provide an overview of how the funding was spent.
After the final report and final financial report have been approved the final size of the grant is established. The last tranche of the finalised grant is then paid.