Compensation scheme for parental leave

The compensation scheme for parental leave provides alternatives to applicants for personal grants who are unable during the evaluation of their submission to provide written or verbal input according to the regular procedure. Other unforeseen circumstances that prevent applicants from participating in the submission procedure will be considered force majeure.

Indisposed during the procedure

The compensation scheme provides applicants who are indisposed as a result of parental leave with the opportunity to ask the secretary of the programme in question to allow them to submit their rebuttal or attend the interview at an earlier or later time. Applicants could also be eligible for an extension of the written input deadline (normally 5 business days), and they can opt to provide verbal input via Skype.

‘Parental leave’ is defined as maternity leave, adoption leave, partners’ leave and leave in relation to the arrival of a foster child.

Submitting a new application

In addition, the compensation scheme for parental leave also enables applicants to submit a new application in the next round, thereby retaining the opportunity to submit. If the pre-application phase was initially used, then the applicant may even skip this phase in the new round.