Code Strategy and Policy Advice

The 'Code Strategy and Policy Advice' applies to advice by the various bodies outside of the (primary) subsidy process of NWO, such as the NWO Advisory Council, Institute Advisory Councils, Scientific Advisory Committees and various preparatory and evaluation committees. This Code was adopted by the Executive Board of NWO on 12 June 2019 and comes into effect as of 1 July 2019.

The Code Strategy and Policy Advice forms the basis of a risk analysis by which NWO intends to implement its integrity policy and due diligence obligations. NWO realises that the mutual awareness of experts and researchers and the interconnectedness of (knowledge) networks in the Netherlands is very high. The purpose of the Advisory Code is therefore not to stop experts from being part of advisory bodies. An advisory body usually advises on a range of topics at strategic and policy level over a long-term period. Some degree of conflict of interests can therefore be expected beforehand, to the extent that the appointment cannot be made at all. It is vital that, where appropriate, an assessment is made followed by a well-considered decision, which decision is laid down in the meeting report in writing and in the recommendation to the NWO.

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Code for Dealing with Personal Interests

In addition to the Advisory Code, NWO has the Code for Dealing with Personal Interests. This Code applies to offering advice in respect of the (primary) subsidy process.