NWO Innovation Festival

Date: Thursday 7 November 2019 Venue: Rijtuigenloods, Amersfoort Chair: Art Rooijakkers

08:30         Registration
                   Fair with scientific demonstrations and attractions

09.15         Welcome by Jaap Schouten
                   Chair NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Science

09:30         Keynote Efficient Deep Learning
                   Henk Corporaal, professor Embedded System

10.00         Announcement winners ‘Connecting High Tech public
                   private partnerships with Societal Themes’ TKI HTSM

10:15         Break
                   Fair with scientific demonstrations and attractions

10:30         Workshops
                   Pitches out of the box ideas - Open Mind contest 2019

12.00          Lunch
                    Fair with scientific demonstrations and attractions

13.00          Keynote (to be announced)

13.30          Big consortia in Topsectors: Perspectief programmes
                    Meet the laureates of 2019. The six awards for this
                    year will be announced.
                    Focco Vijselaar (director general, Ministry of Economic
                    Affairs and Climate)

14:00          Paneldiscussion: What is the role of science in

14.25          Break
                    Fair with scientific demonstrations and attractions

14.40          Workshops

16:10          Keynote - Knowledge utilisation: Research placebo-
                    effect used in treatments 
                    Stevin Prize winner 2019: Andrea Evers, professor in
                    Health Psychology

16.35          Finalists of the Open Mind Contest 2019
                    Out of the box ideas on innovation in technology

17.00          Closing and drinks
                    Fair with scientific demonstrations and attractions


Workshops 10:30 -12:00

Workshops 14.40 - 16.10

Workshops 10:30 -12:00

1. NWO Funding Instruments – opportunities, changes and improvements
NWO Funding Instruments – opportunities, changes and improvements NWO started to harmonise the in order to simplify the procedure for the researchers. In this workshop you will get an overview in instruments, in detail for the engineering sciences. What instrument suites you the most?

2. ROBIN – an interactive life story
A unique experiment of interactive storytelling that links to dilemmas in science. In this film 'ROBIN' resembles the Black Mirror episode: 'Bandersnatch'. You as the viewer determine how the main character Robin goes through life during crucial moments. Set up and produced by NWA.
In Dutch

3. Gaming meets Biotechnology
In the T-TRIPP project, we aim to develop tools for the translation of risk research into policies and practices for biotechnology. Therefore, we developed the serious game MachiaCELLi – a card game that is being used to create awareness of current regulations and risk assessment procedures in the biotechnology domain. In our workshop, you will be able to playtest some elements of MachiaCELLi and get insights into the domain of biotechnology.
Speakers: Maria Freese, Simon Tiemersma and Alexander Verbraeck of Delft University of Technology and Michelle Habets of Rathenau Instituut

4. Engineering Science and outreach to the public
Public Engagement is an essential mechanism to build and strengthen public support for research. In 2019 Leiden University, Department of Science Communication & Society, mapped the culture of public engagement of the projects funded by NWO Domain AES. It gave insights into the activities as well as details on resources, policies, barriers and support mechanisms. In this workshop the results of this study are shared for the first time, accompanied with conclusions and recommendations. You can discuss the outcome with the researchers and share your ideas.
Speaker: Peter Russo, Leiden University

5. Dealing with resistance. How do you, as a scientist, deal with critical/helpful questions from your audience?   
During your presentations you probably want people to listen and be easily convinced by your story. However, dealing with critical questions from your audience is an integral part of science. They may also interrupt you, sometimes ask uniformed (stupid?) questions, or ask you things you do not have the answer to. This may make you nervous in advance, or it may cause you to lose focus on what you wanted to say. It is therefore important to know how to deal with such responses from your audience.
Speakers: Marjoleine Huntjens, Hans van Duijn

6. Open Mind is all about technology with the possibility of high impact application on our society.
Researchers often have plenty of ideas on how technology can be used to solve major societal issues and thereby help people, society and the world. The top 15 Open Mind candidates will compete for the 5 grants at TEKNOWLOGY. Come listen to their pitches and find out what their ideas are! Each pitch is followed by a short Q&A session with the Open Mind jury. At the end of the day, the 5 Open Mind winners will be announced.
(you do not have to register for this workshop)

Workshops 14:40 – 16:10

0.40 min

1. Writing a proposal: why, what and tips on how
Are you planning to write a research proposal for an NWO/AES call? Do you want to know how to put together a research proposal for application? Then this workshop is for you! This workshop provides insight in the intention behind certain sections of the application form, the reasoning behind certain steps and aspects of the assessment procedures and will give you some practical tips which will be very valuable when preparing your NWO/AES proposal.
Speakers: Gerdine Stout and Hellen Verhagen, NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences

0.40 min

2. Creating Impact with your research: Impact Pathways and knowledge utilisation
Knowledge utilisation - an iterative, reciprocal and dynamic process aimed at social impact – is one of the five strategic ambitions of NWO. Promoting social impact requires a knowledge utilisation policy that is not separate from scientific ambitions or the primary process, but that is deployed proportionally and forms an integral part of the overall NWO policy. In the new knowledge utilisation policy, NWO differentiates its financial instruments into different approaches, in which the efforts in the area of knowledge utilization and the chance of social impact differ. One of the approaches involves drawing up a Theory of Change and Impact Pathway. This workshop discusses working with this approach in research programmes and projects. Participants will work with components such as co-creation, Theory of Change & Impact Pathways and a strategy for implementation.

0.40 min

3. “To print or not to print  that's the question”
The world of the manufacturing industries is changing. In the past 5 years, the techniques for Additive Manufacturing have taken flight and those countries well represented in the aviation and automotive industry have adopted the techniques into their production. Within the Netherlands we take a more laidback approach as incorporation of the techniques seems like in interlinked chain of issues: a large variety of techniques, materials, software, design for AM, post processing etc. At the Universities of Applied Sciences we try to bridge the gap to our neighbouring countries by providing the manufacturing industries with guidelines for  printing: “to print or not to print – that is the question” but also “hów to print – that is the question”.
Speaker: Dr. Margie Topp, Hogeschool Windesheim

0.40 min

4. Technology application to practice
In academic research many novel and exciting technologies are developed, which potentially could be applied in innovative products. Unfortunately, quite often such technology never makes it beyond the PhD thesis. The main reason often is that the potential end users are unaware of the potentially interesting technologies, whereas universities do not have a complete overview of where a demand for their solutions can be found. In this contribution we would like to explore possible ways to solve this matchmaking problem.
Speaker: Cas Damen, Saxion University of Applied Sciences - Enschede

5. NWO and Innovation: KIC – Knowledge Innovation Convenant
From 2020 onwards NWO is rolling out a new range of instruments with which it contributes to the government's mission-driven innovation policy. These are part of the Knowledge Innovation Covenant that will be announced in early November 2019. This workshop provides an overview of all instruments within all domains of NWO that implement this. Consider an explanation of all criteria. Visitors are asked to present their first initiatives to see if they would fit. 

6. ROBIN - an interactive life story
A unique experiment of interactive storytelling that links to dilemmas in science.  In this film 'ROBIN' resembles the Black Mirror episode: 'Bandersnatch'. You as the viewer determine how the main character Robin goes through life during crucial moments. Set up and produced by NWA.
In Dutch
Speaker: Reint-Jan Renes, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

7. A creative view on your career as a PhD or Postdoc
Thinking about which job you want in the future and planning your career, is only one of the successful strategies available. Actually, studies on career development show that such a planned strategy is not a reality for many scientists. Going for what drives you, and simply trying various aspects of jobs are two other valid strategies. Therefore, your view on your career can be much more open than you might think, and turning on your ‘creativity engine’ is what this course offers you.
Speakers: Shanti Koenen, Paulien Weikamp