Interested in joining a selection committee/jury for AES (TTW)?

NWO is always on the lookout for enthusiastic medior and senior researchers interested in joining a selection committee and juries. These committees and juries are essential to the proper, careful assessment of applications. At the bottom of this page, you can indicate your availability for committee/jury work for the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES/TTW).

What are the benefits?

  • insight into working methods and procedures at NWO;
  • learning how to write a successful application;
  • early knowledge of the latest developments in applied and engineering sciences;
  • being able to contribute to the selection of proposals;
  • opportunities to expand your own network.

What does a selection committee do?

A selection committee assesses the quality of research applications, with the help of external expert advice and a possible interview with the applicant. The committee then prioritises these applications. On the basis of this prioritisation the competent body then decides which applicants will receive funding.

What does a jury do?

A jury assesses the quality of research applications with the help of external expert advice. Prioritisation is based on the average assessment of all members of the jury. The members of the jury do not meet or deliberate. On the basis of the prioritisation, the competent body decides which applicants will receive funding.

Who is eligible for committee membership?

Membership in a selection committee is open to medior and senior researchers: that is to say, post-doctoral researchers with least a few years’ additional experience (as professor, associate professor or assistant professor). People with a similar profile working in industry or at research institutes are also welcome at AES (TTW). A broad view of applied and/or technical scientific research is desirable. When appointing a selection committee, care shall be taken to ensure that its members represent a wide variety of disciplines, diversities, universities and degrees of seniority. Knowledge of the Dutch language is not required.

Is there financial compensation for committee work?

NWO always refunds travel costs and necessary accommodation costs for committee members. In certain cases NWO also offers committee members compensation for the time devoted to selection meetings, so-called vacatiegeld (attendance fee).Because jury members do not meet, there is no compensation available for jury work.

More information

If you are interested and motivated to take part in a selection committee or jury, please fill in the application form below. The applications received will be taken into consideration in the composition of committees and juries. If you are proposed for a committee/jury, we will contact you. For more information please contact Sylvia van Mildert at or on +31-(0)30-6001363.

Becoming a member of a selection committe or jury for the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES/TTW)

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