Allocation SSH roundtables

There will be six SSH roundtables; each advisory table acts on behalf of a cluster of academic disciplines. The chairs of the roundtables have been selected from a large number of interested persons from across the entire breadth of the social sciences and humanities.

Per table, the following co-chairs have been selected:

Lisa Cheng (L) and Sruti Bala (R)Lisa Cheng (L) and Sruti Bala (R)

Roundtable Cultural Sciences & Linguistics
Prof. Lisa Cheng (Leiden University) and Dr Sruti Bala (University of Amsterdam)

Cees van Beers (L) and Inge Bleijenbergh (R)Cees van Beers (L) and Inge Bleijenbergh (R)

Table Economics & Business Administration
Prof. Cees van Beers (TU Delft) and Dr Inge Bleijenbergh (Radboud University)

Jeroen de Ridder (L, photography Sander Nieuwenhuys) and Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (R)Jeroen de Ridder (L) and Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (R)

Table Philosophy, Historical Sciences and Theology
Prof. Jeroen de Ridder (VU Amsterdam & University of Groningen) and Prof. Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk (Radboud University & Utrecht University)

Ingmar Franken (L) and Loes Keijsers (R)Ingmar Franken (L) and Loes Keijsers (R)

Table Behaviour and Education
Prof. Ingmar Franken (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Dr Loes Keijsers (Tilburg University)

Monica Claes (L) and Henk van der Kolk (R)Monica Claes (L) and Henk van der Kolk (R)

Table Law and Public Administration
Prof. Monica Claes (Maastricht University) and Dr Henk van der Kolk (University of Twente)

Guda van Noort (L) and Linnet Taylor (R)Guda van Noort (L) and Linnet Taylor (R)

Table Social Sciences
Prof. Guda van Noort (University of Amsterdam) and Dr Linnet Taylor (Tilburg University)

Are you interested in becoming a member of one of the SSH advisory tables? You can make your interests known until 17 February 2020 via the registration page on the NWO website.