Life sciences working groups

The Life Sciences Round Table wants to launch five working groups for the life sciences field. These five working groups are allocated according to the scale of the research object, from intracellular research to larger ecological networks. There is also a cross-cutting methodical working group Advanced Methods, Data and Analyses to understand Living Systems. The connection between researchers and NWO is vital for ensuring that signals from the field are noticed by NWO and that NWO can also reach the field. The working groups connect the life sciences researchers and facilitate collaboration with other disciplines.

The five working groups are:

  • Biology of Molecules, Cells and Tissues;
  • From Genes to Organisms;
  • Organisms in their Environment;
  • Life and Planet;
  • Advanced Methods, Data and Analyses to understand Living Systems.

Tasks and approach working groups

The working groups will be given the following tasks:

  • Identifying new developments in the theme.
  • Providing solicited and unsolicited advice to the Life Sciences Round Table.
  • Maintaining contact with the research field.

Registering as an interested person

The working groups of the Life Sciences Round Table are gradually assuming shape. The Round Table cordially invites researchers to register as interested persons for the membership of one or at most two working groups. This can be done via the registration form (in English). We will then keep you informed of the developments concerning the working groups.

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