The chemistry sector occupies a major economic and societal position in the Netherlands and has been designated a top sector by the Dutch cabinet. The sector relies on top-quality researchers and is well organised. Chemical Science’s mission is to unite and support the sector. To do this it has identified two main lines of action and supporting policy.

Investing in public-private partnership and socially inspired themes

Chemical Sciences (CW) develops and supports lines of research that are relevant to society and can result in new economic activities. To this end, it has developed a new concept for public-private partnership: the Fund for New Chemical Innovations.

CW focuses its activity on three NWO themes: Materials, Sustainable Energy and Healthy Living. These themes relate to the top sectors designated by the Dutch government. The Top Sector Chemistry's ambitions in the field of smart materials and green chemistry are a decisive factor in the choice of public-private partnerships and topics for research programmes.


Investing in free research

CW supports curiosity-driven research and multidisciplinary research. After all, chemistry is closely connected with the natural sciences, life sciences and technical sciences. It is always about excellent, innovative research with a challenging research question. NWO-CW releases funds for parts of the 'Sectorplan Natuur- en Scheikunde': equipment, new group leaders and support for top groups. It also advocates the fine-tuning and extension of the Sector Plan, in line with the action agenda of the Top Sector Chemistry.

Supporting policy

Did you know? Meetings are organised annually for all researchers in the chemistry disciplines

CW works to enhance international collaboration between researchers within and outside Europe to further support the main lines of action described above. It also seeks to be a binding force within the Dutch chemistry community, partly by organising and supporting study group meetings.