International collaboration

Chemical Sciences (CW) actively seeks to join international initiatives that bring together top research groups and researchers in the field of chemistry.

International collaboration is vital for maintaining the Netherlands’ strong position in chemical research. Interaction and collaboration with top foreign researchers enhances the quality of excellent chemical research groups in the Netherlands. To promote such interaction and collaboration, CW is involved in both European and global initiatives.

European collaboration

To help make a contribution to developing vision and setting priorities in chemical research at a European level, CW is affiliated to SusChem (the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry) and Eurochemistry.

CW participates in the following European Research Area networks (ERA-NETs):

  • ERA-NET Industrial Biotechnology (ERA-IB);
  • ERA-NET Catalytic Processes for Innovative Technology Applications (CAPITA);

CW also participates in the following European programmes:

  • EUROCORES programme Self-Organised NanoStructures (SONS);
  • EUROCORES programme Science of Protein Production for Functional and Structural Analysis (EuroSCOPE);


Worldwide collaboration

  • Collaboration with Brazil - Biobased programme in development;
  • Collaboration with India - Functional Materials;
  • Collaboration United States - International Collaborations in Chemistry (ICC) programme;
  • Collaboration South Africa - Programme in preparation.

Top 3 funding instruments

  • Brazil (to be opened shortly)
  • Functional Materials