Advisory council NWO

NWO has an advisory council that advises the executive board, on request or at its own initiative, on societal and scientific developments that are relevant to NWO.

The appointment of an advisory board is a consequence of the transition to a new NWO and is laid down in the management regulations.

The advisory board can be consulted by the executive board when preparing the institution plan and, acting on the executive board’s instructions, organises an annual broad thematic discussion or strategy meeting to which third parties are invited.


The advisory board has a maximum of ten members and meets at least twice a year. Members are invited to sit on the board not as representatives of their organisation but on the basis of their expertise and experience.

Advisory board members are appointed by the executive board for a term of four years. Ministries are not represented on the advisory board because they exert direct influence via the appointment of executive and supervisory board members and client-contractor relationships.


In consultation with the supervisory board the executive board has appointed the following members:

  1. Tim de Zeeuw, Professor of Theoretical Astronomy at Leiden University
  2. Gerard van der Steenhoven, director-general Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)
  3. Marcel Wubbolts, CTO Corbion
  4. Pim van der Feltz, CEO Google Nederland
  5. Kim Putters, director Netherlands Institute for Social Research
  6. Farah Karimi, director OxfamNovib
  7. Els van der Plas, director Dutch National Opera and Ballet
  8. Aart-Jan de Geus, Chief Executive Officer of the Bertelsmann Foundation