Collaboration in research

One of NWO's aims is to bring science and society closer together. To find solutions to major social and economic challenges, it is important and necessary to work together. The idea is to increase the impact of research by connecting researchers, their research and its results with different parties in society.

NWO promotes various forms of collaboration. In addition to partnerships with various ministries, major social organisations and companies, NWO also encourages cooperation between researchers and smaller parties. Think of SMEs, and in particular: start-ups. The funding rounds launched by NWO describe who can apply and under what conditions partners can participate. The applicant is always a researcher at a Dutch university or knowledge institution.

Check which funding instruments NWO has at its disposal that enable collaboration with scientific researchers. The page outlining the types of grant also contains details of programme staff members who are available for questions.

More information about possible forms of collaboration will soon appear on this page.

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