NWO funds and stimulates eminent scientific research in the field of Chemistry.

Chemistry is part of the NWO Domain Science (ENW). The Chemistry Roundtable is an important advisory body for the NWO Domain Science Board. The working field of chemistry were divided into subareas represented by the study groups. As of 1 December 2018, the chemistry study groups are replaced by four research communities.

The working field covers research into the chemistry of life, novel materials, energy and chemical conversion. The research must provide answers to societal challenges such as a better understanding of processes in the cell, the development of new medicines, new classes of materials, using raw materials and energy as efficiently as possible, and the development of new chemical products and processes.

Stimulating and facilitating Dutch chemistry requires a strong connection with researchers, public partners and private partners in the field, for example through the organisation of the annual chemistry congress CHAINS. A good connection with other organisational units of NWO as well as ZonMw and other knowledge institutions is vital.

NWO stimulates collaborations and strategic programmes that are relevant for chemistry within several top sectors and that align with the Dutch National Research Agenda. NWO is also involved in national and international developments and puts research on the European and global agendas, for example via European Research Area networks and collaborations with Brazil and China. NWO also supports the Council for Physics and Chemistry (Dutch), TKI Chemistry and TKI HTSM, and provides the secretary for the top sectors Energy, Chemistry and HTSM.

Tanja Kulkens is the head of the Chemistry and Physics Team.