Perspectief round 2022/2023

NWO Domain AES invites researchers and users (companies, societal organisations) to jointly submit new, challenging research projects within the application-oriented and technical sciences that generate economic and social impact in thematic areas relevant to the Netherlands.

  • Purpose

    Innovation that has an economic and social impact often requires a large-scale approach. Developing new technology requires setting up new lines of research, transcending old networks and creating close collaboration between scientists and industry.

    The financing instrument Perspectief focuses on stimulating this collaboration in order to solve innovation bottlenecks. Innovative knowledge takes shape in an application that contributes to technological innovation with potential economic and social impact for the Netherlands.

  • Who can apply

    Scientists, companies and social organisations can apply a comprehensive research project concerning new technology through consortia. Such a project usually consists of four to eight work packages which approach the overarching theme from various research directions, with an explicit focus on application.

    At least three knowledge institutions and four users must be represented in the consortium. In addition to academic parties, TO2 institutes and universities of applied sciences can also apply for funding under certain conditions. For each program, users must contribute to the program costs of at least 30%, of which at least 15% in cash. More information about the conditions can be read in the call for proposals.

  • What to apply for

    A total budget of 25.5 million euros is available for this Perspectief round. The minimum monetary value of the NWO contribution for each project is 1.5 million Euros. The maximum NWO contribution for each project is 4 million Euros. More information about the conditions can be read in the call for proposals.

  • When to apply

    • Submission of statement of intent: Tuesday October 11th, 2022 - 14:00:00 CEST
    • Submission of pre-proposal: Tuesday November 15th, 2022 - 14:00:00 CET
    • Submission of proposal: Tuesday May 16th, 2023 - 14:00:00 CET
  • Assessment


    The assessment committee assesses the pre-proposals and proposals on the two criteria Scientific quality and Utilization. These two assessment criteria carry equal weight.


    Submitting a Perspectief application has three phases:

    • Phase 1: Deadline for submitting statement of intent on website: Tuesday 11th October 2022, 14.00:00 CEST (see tab 3. Submit)
    • Phase 2: Deadline for submitting pre-proposal and form ‘Toetsing KIA …’: Tuesday 15th November 2022, 14.00:00 CET (see tab 3. Submit)
    • Phase 3: Deadline for submitting detailed proposal: Tuesday 16th May 2023, 14.00:00 CEST (see tab 3. Submit)

Applications must be submitted through the ISAAC application and reporting system. If you do not have an ISAAC account yet, then please create one at least one workday in advance. More information about writing a proposal and which forms you need to use can be found in ISAAC. Please download and use the forms in ISAAC. Below you will find examples of the required forms.

  • Write proposal

    A pre-proposal should contain an outline describing the research lines, the pathway towards societal impact, and the type and number of work packages that would be required to achieve the project objective(s). Your pre-proposal should contain an estimate and justification of the financial resources required to achieve the proposed research objective.

  • Fill in forms

    For this call, in addition to completing the application form, please upload the following attachments:

    • Letters of intent to indicate the co-funding (as pdf file);
    • Completed form ‘Toetsing passendheid KIA … en ST'
  • Do you already have an account in Isaac?
  • Have you submitted the letter of intent?
  • Have you submitted the pre-proposal form?
  • Have you completed the form for the assessment for suitability within of the KIAs?

Statement of intent form

Apply in ISAAC