Long Term Programs Strategy driven consortia with impact

Public-private consortia can apply for funding for a Long Term Program (LTP) with a term of ten years. An LTP aims to structurally stimulate the development of a scientific field on subjects from the mission-driven top sectors and innovation policy. NWO funding is min. € 9M and max. € 25M, and a maximum of 30% of the total LTP budget.

Please note change in call planning

Due to a hack of the NWO networkserver the grant procedure was suspended from 13 February to 22 March. NWO has published a new integral call planning. Please note: The deadlines in the Call for Proposals (pdf) have not been updated. 

Resumption of grant procedure FAQs

  • Purpose

    The strategic aim of the LTP instrument is to provide a powerful and long-term stimulus for the development of a scientific field in the Netherlands that focuses on a societal theme and/or a key technology of key technologies. The contribution from NWO provides the scientific foundation of the LTP and is necessary to get the cooperation off the ground or develop it further.

    Relevant parties from the innovation ecosystem are involved from the start, both financially and in the execution of the research. The knowledge from the programme can, in this way, find a way to society and scientific research can in a sustainable way contribute to solutions for questions posed in the mission-driven topsector and innovation policy.

  • Who can apply

    Proposals can be submitted by the following knowledge institutions, represented by their highest governing board:

    • Universities established in the Kingdom of the Netherlands;
    • University medical centres;
    • KNAW and NWO institutes;
    • the Netherlands Cancer Institute;
    • the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen;
    • the DUBBLE Beamline at the ESRF in Grenoble;
    • Naturalis Biodiversity Center;
    • Advanced Research Centre for NanoLithography (ARCNL);
    • Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology

    The knowledge institution that submits the proposal is to be regarded as the main applicant (main beneficiary). The main beneficiary is to distribute the grant among the co-applicants. The grant may also be distributed among all applicants by means of a programme-management office.
    The same knowledge institution may act as the main applicant for a maximum of three proposals within this call.

  • What to apply for

    In this round, NWO funding can be requested for each research proposal with a minimum of 9,000,000 euros and a maximum of 25,000,000 euros for the 10-year duration of the Long Term Programme. This grant will be the NWO project within the full LTP. The LTP has a financial size of at least 30,000,000 euros, including the NWO grant.
    The NWO grant has to be applied for using the NWO modules. A detailed budget has to be sumitted for the first period of five years. The budget of other activities within the LTP aslo has to be specified. A generic spending plan has to be submitted for the second period of five years.

  • When to apply for

    • The deadline for the submission of initiatives is January 26, 2021, 14:00:00 CE(S)T.
    • The deadline for the submission of pre-proposals is May 27, 2021, 14:00:00 CE(S)T.
    • The deadline for the submission of full proposals is 12 months to the day NWO notified the consortium of its positive decision on the consortium’s pre-proposal, at 14:00 CE(S)T.
  • Assessment


    Four criteria are used to assess both pre-proposals and full proposals. These criteria are all of equal importance. As an aid in both the elaboration and the assessment of proposals, a Guide to the STRATEGY criteria, containing a number of detailed questions per criterion, is included as an Annex. The selection committee will certainly take the questions included there, among others, into account when assessing the proposals.

    1. Impact and Strategic importance (25%)
    2. Long-term perspective (25%)
    3. Quality of the research (25%)
    4. Composition of the consortium (25%)


    NWO uses a process that consists of the submission of initiatives , pre-proposals and full proposals. Submitted initiatives will be published on the NWO website. There is no selection on initiatives. Pre-proposals that receive a positive decision from the executive board of NWO, will be able to submit a full proposal. NWO will make a budget reservation for these initiatives. These is only competition between the pre-proposals. Full proposals will be assessed individually.

    LTP initiatives

You will find all of the documents that you need for your application here. Applications must be submitted through the ISAAC application and reporting system. If you do not have an ISAAC account yet, then please create one at least one workday in advance. More information about writing a proposal and which forms you need to use can be found below. Please download and use the forms below.

Due to a networkhack the grant procedure of NWO, including NRO and SIA, has been at a standstill from 13 February to 22 March 2021. NWO has updated the information on the website about the calls and the new deadlines. The deadlines in the Call for Proposals (pdf) have not been updated yet.