Dutch Research Agenda – Theme: Climate adaptation and health

This call for proposals calls upon knowledge institutions, civil society organisations and other interested parties to develop practice-oriented research proposals on the theme ‘Climate adaptation and health: A healthy living environment for people, animals and plants in times of climate change’. The consortia to be formed will work in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner and across the entire knowledge chain.

  • Purpose

    Climate change is considered to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Despite the efforts to prevent further climate change, various sectors of society will need to radically adjust to the consequences of climate change, by climate adaptation. In the current Dutch climate adaptation policy, the emphasis is on the physical living environment. The physical design and quality of the living environment is, however, closely connected with social aspects and has both a direct and indirect influence on the health of people, plants, animals and the environment. This research programme aims for adaptation measures at the interface of the physical environment, health care and the social domain. An integral and interdisciplinary approach is required. The aim is to develop potential courses of action that connect to other transition challenges and policies. Distinction is made between research with a focus on urban or rural areas.

  • Who can apply

    Proposals should be submitted by a consortium in which the various types of research in the knowledge chain and civil society organisations must be represented. The composition of the consortium should reflect the inter- and transdisciplinary character of the research proposal. Important aspects are the inclusion of research expertise from the different relevant disciplines, and knowledge and experience from the implementation and/or policy practice for all 3 domains stated, namely the health care, physical environment and social domain.

    There are four categories of participant within a consortium:

    • Main applicant;
    • Co-applicant(s);
    • Co-funder(s) (optional)
    • Cooperating partner(s)

    The main applicant submits the application on behalf of the consortium. More information about the four categories of participants as well as specific requirements regarding who can apply, can be found in paragraph 3.1 of the call for proposals.

  • What to apply for

    A budget of 4.36 million euros is available for this call for proposals. From the available budget, two research projects can be awarded at most 2.18 million euros in funding for a maximum duration of five years.

    Funding can be requested to cover the following types of costs (modules):

    • Personnel costs;
    • Material costs;
    • Investments;
    • Knowledge utilisation;
    • Internationalisation;
    • Money follows Collaboration;
    • Project management.

    Extensive information about the modules can be found in Annex 6.3 of the call for proposals.

  • When to apply

    • The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is Thursday 3 June 2021, before 14:00 hours CES(S)T.
    • The deadline for submitting full proposals is Thursday 18 November 2021, before 14:00 hours CES(S)T.
  • Assessment


    Pre-proposals and full proposals will be assessed against the following three criteria:

    1. Alignment with the objectives of the NWA programme
    2. Quality of the consortium
    3. Quality of the research proposal

    The criteria are weighted equally, and each criterion counts for one third of the overall assessment. Each assessment criterion consists of several subcriteria. More information the criteria can be found in paragraph 4.2 of the call for proposals.



    If eligible, pre-proposals will be assessed by a selection committee according to the criteria for pre-proposals. Based on this assessment, the committee will rank the pre-proposals for each of the two research areas of this call. Applicants of a restricted number of high potential pre-proposals will be invited to submit a full proposal. Applicants of the other pre-proposals will be advised against submitting a full proposal. This advice is not binding.

    Full proposals

    If eligible, the selection committee will assess the full proposals according to the criteria for full proposals.

    Each consortium will be offered an opportunity to present and explain the proposal and to answer to questions and comments of selection committee during an interview. During a subsequent meeting, the selection committee will discuss all proposals and interview proceedings, will once again assess the proposals according to the selection criteria, and make a separate ranking for each of the two research areas of this call.

    The assessment, qualification and rankings will be issued in the form of an advice to the NWO Executive Board, which will subsequently take a decision about the awarding and rejection of proposals.

You will find all of the documents that you need for your application here. Applications must be submitted through the ISAAC application and reporting system. More information about writing a proposal and which forms you need to use can be found below. Please download and use the forms below.

Preparing a full proposal

To be able to submit a full proposal, main applicants should have submitted a pre-proposal taken into consideration by NWO.

  • Download the application form 
  • Complete the application form
  • Save application form as a pdf file and upload it in ISAAC
  • Add the Annexes

Please note: The language to be used when preparing the full application is English.


The following annexes are permitted when submitting the full proposal:

  • the budget sheet (mandatory)
  • letters of commitment from cooperation partners 
  • letters of support from co-funders (only if applicable)

Other types of annexes are not accepted. Annexes should be uploaded to ISAAC separately from the proposal. All annexes, with the exception of the budget spreadsheet, should be uploaded as PDF files. The budget spreadsheet can be uploaded to ISAAC as an Excel file.

Due to the upcoming indexation of the VSNU and NFU rates, the budget form will be placed online in the course of August 2021. The budget form will then contain the correct rates.

Downloads voor uw aanvraag

  • Call for proposals
  • Full proposal form
  • Template commitment cooperation partner
  • Template support letter co-funder
  • Assessment form co-applicants

To be able to submit a full proposal, main applicants should have submitted a pre-proposal taken into consideration by NWO.

  • Have you completed the application form for full proposals and saved it as a pdf?


  • the budget sheet (mandatory)
  • letters of commitment from cooperation partners 
  • letters of support from co-funders (only if applicable)