DeepNL call 2a

An integrated programme to understand subsurface dynamics caused by human activities.

Within the third call of the DeepNL programme researchers can request funding for a research project with the approximate size of one PhD or postdoc position. The research within DeepNL enhances the quantitative and physics-based understanding of the dynamics of the subsurface under the influence of human activities and contributes to a knowledge base and forecasting capacity for assessing hazards and risk.

  • Purpose

    DeepNL is a long-term NWO research programme which uses an integrated multidisciplinary approach in which research projects from different calls complement each other and form a focussed, coherent programme. This third call provides opportunities for:

    1. relevant and promising parts of proposals that could not be funded in the first DeepNL call,
    2. improving the coherence and impact of DeepNL by addressing knowledge gaps, and
    3. broadening of the network with new researchers and expertise.

    Research proposals have to fit within the scope of the DeepNL programme and contribute to reaching its goals and intended results. In the present phase the research question is focussed on the dynamics of the subsurface as a consequence of gas production in the Groningen reservoir. However, applications are encouraged to develop process understanding and methodologies that are also relevant for other subsurface activities like production from small gas fields, geothermal energy production and CO2 and energy storage.

  • Who can apply

    Funding can be applied for by full, associate and assistant professors and other researchers with a comparable appointment, who have a paid appointment at a Dutch University or a NWO recognized research institute. A proposal is submitted by a single main applicant and may include one single co-applicant if this is considered necessary due to the multidisciplinary nature of the proposal. An applicant may only submit one proposal as main applicant. A full description of the conditions can be found in the call for proposals.

  • What to apply for

    For a research proposal a maximum of 350,000 euros can be applied for.

    Costs that are eligible for funding are personnel costs (PhD, postdoc, non-scientific staff and research leave), material costs, small investments and costs for knowledge utilisation, internationalisation and Money follows Cooperation. A full description of the conditions can be found in the call for proposals.

  • When to apply

    The deadline for the submission of proposals is November 17, 2020, 14:00:00 CET.

  • Assessment


    All applications are assessed against the following two main criteria, which are of equal weight:

    1. Scientific quality, innovative character and academic impact of the proposed research;
    2. Relevance and added value to the DeepNL programme.


    All proposals must be submitted via NWO's electronic application system ISAAC. Applications will be evaluated in a peer-review process by international reviewers. Applicants will be given the opportunity to write a rebuttal, after which the applications will be assessed and prioritised by an independent assessment committee. The board of the NWO domain Exact and Natural Sciences decides on the awarding and rejection of proposals based on the advice of the assessment committee. The full procedure is described in the brochure.

Digital application

You will find all of the documents that you need for your application here. Applications must be submitted through the ISAAC application and reporting system. If you do not have an ISAAC account yet, then please create one at least one workday in advance. More information about writing a proposal and which forms you need to use can be found below. Please download and use the forms below.

  • Fill in form

    • Download the application form 
    • Complete the application form and save it as a pdf file
    • Applicants with a “tenure track” appointment that does not cover the entire duration of the project must upload a letter that guarantees adequate supervision for the entire duration of the research for all researchers that they request funding for.
  • Do you already have an ISAAC account?
  • Have you filled in the application form and saved it as pdf?
  • Do you have a tenure track appointment? Check if you need to add a letter of guarantee.