Collaboration in mission-driven innovation

Within the KIC 2020-2023, budget is available for research on cooperation in mission-driven innovation systems, in the context of the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Social Earning Capacity. Interdisciplinary consortia including research institutes and public and private organisations can submit proposals with a total budget of at least € 750,000 and at most € 4,000,000.

Please note: As of 1 July 2022, the telephone number of the ISAAC helpdesk has changed. The new telephone number where you can reach the ISAAC helpdesk is +31 (0)70 3440600. The old number (+31(0)20 3467179) will no longer be in use as of 1 July 2022. NWO has amended the Call for proposals that you can download on this page accordingly as of 1 July 2022.

  • Purpose

    Climate change, cyber security, the ageing population: the Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation Policy of the Dutch government puts major societal challenges on the agenda that require both technological and social innovation, with societal and economic impact as the starting point. This requires interdisciplinary collaboration (collaboration between researchers from different science domains: humanities, natural sciences and social sciences ) and multi-stakeholder collaboration (collaboration between governments, citizens, NGOs, knowledge institutions, financial institutions and industry; also referred to as the triple/quadruple helix approach). The aim of this call is to develop knowledge and action perspectives that can be used to understand and successfully apply strategies for multi-stakeholder collaboration in complex societal challenges as formulated in the 25 missions of the Mission-Driven Top Sectors and Innovation policy . The following question is pivotal: How can collaborative forms and methods for mission-driven innovation systems, with the involvement of many different stakeholders, contribute to the missions and societal earning capacity?

  • Who can apply

    Pre-proposals and full proposals are submitted by the main applicant and one or more co-applicants.

    Besides the main and co-applicant(s), a consortium always consists of two or more co-funders. In addition, other private and public organisations can participate in the consortium as collaborating partners.

    All participants must play an active role in the formulation of the research questions and the design and realisation of the project.

    More information about specific conditions regarding who can apply can be found in section 3.1 of the call for proposals.

  • What to apply for

    A budget of € 4,750,000 euros is available for this call for proposals. Funding can be requested for research proposals with a total budget of at least € 750,000 and at most € 4,000,000.

    NWO will fund a minimum of 51% and a maximum of 90% of the total project budget; the rest of the funding, namely minimum 10% and 49% maximum of the project budget, must be contributed by the co-funders (in cash and/or in kind). More information about the conditions for co-funding can be found in section 3.5.2 of the call for proposals.

    For this call the following modules can be applied for:

    • Personnel costs
    • Material costs
    • Investments
    • Knowledge utilisation
    • Internationalisation
    • Money follows Cooperation
    • Project management
    • The maximum duration of a project is six years.
  • When to apply

    • The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is 21 June 2022, before 14:00:00 CEST.
    • The deadline for submitting full proposals is 21 February 2023, before 14:00:00 CET.
  • Assessment


    In this call, both pre-proposals and full proposals are assessed according to the following four assessment criteria:

    • Problem posed and problem analysis, contribution to the main question
    • Expected impact and route to impact
    • Quality of the consortium
    • Quality of the research
    • Criteria 1 and 2 each carry a 20% weighting in the overall assessment, criteria 3 and 4 a weighting of 30% each.

    More information on the assessment criteria and the sub-criteria can be found in section 4.3 of the call for proposals.


    Submitting a pre-proposal is a compulsory part of the application process. The selection committee assesses the pre-proposals and provides a non-binding advice with regard to submitting a full proposal.

    Full proposals will be assessed by external referees (independent reviewers), after which applicants have the opportunity to submit a rebuttal. The selection committee then assesses the applications on the basis of the referee reports, the written rebuttal and an interview. The NWO Executive Board takes a decision about granting or rejecting the full proposals, based on the advice of the assessment committee.

    More information on the procedure can be found in section 4.2 of the call for proposals.

Applications must be submitted through the ISAAC application and reporting system. If you do not have an ISAAC account yet, please create one at least one workday in advance. More information on writing a proposal and which forms to use can be found below.

PLEASE NOTE: Have you downloaded the budget form before 2-12-2022? Please download it again, because the HOT tariffs have been adjusted.

  • Write proposal

  • Fill in forms

    Standard forms are available for both the preproposal and the full proposal. When submitting the complete application, we ask you to enclose a signed statement from the cofunders (letter of support) and the completed budget form.

    If applicable, we ask you to include a guarantee for continuity in the project management (see paragraphs 3.1 in the call for proposals) for the proposal as well as the full proposal. For the full proposal we also ask you to upload a confirmation of own contribution to investments, if applicable.

    The forms (attachments) should be uploaded to ISAAC separately from the proposal. All attachments, with the exception of the budget form, should be uploaded as PDF files. The budget form can be uploaded to ISAAC as an Excel file.

  • Examples

  • Do you already have an account in Isaac?
  • Have you submitted the pre-proposal form?
  • Has the statement been signed by the main applicant?

You can read all the details about the application for funding in the Call for Proposals. If you have any questions, please contact the contact person.