NWO is committed to strong science in the Netherlands, by such means as a policy in support of Open Science and by organising researchers.

Open Science

Results of research funded by public funds must be freely accessible to society. On the basis of this vision, NWO asks for research it has funded to be published according to the rules of Open Access Golden Road: journals and books that are free and accessible by virtue of open access publishing models. NWO promotes the development of open access standards and publishing models and of awareness among researchers and will be tightening up its funding conditions accordingly. This open access policy also applies to the NWO institutes. To streamline the transition to open access publishing, NWO is making funds available to recompense researchers’ additional expenses.

Good research also goes hand in hand with responsible data management. To make the data that emerges from NWO-funded research as accessible and reusable as possible, NWO started a pilot project for data management on 1 January 2015. On the basis of this pilot project, NWO will develop policy for data management in all its funding instruments. The expenses incurred through Open Data can be subsidised.

Organising researchers

The Netherlands will benefit if researchers and other parties organise effectively and formulate joint strategies for elements of science, nationally and internationally. Based on the integration of all scientific disciplines in NWO and with the commitment of its wide network, NWO will support the organisation of researchers within and among disciplines, not only within the academic field, but also between science, government, business and other civil society parties.