NWO exerts influence on national science policy by participating in the Knowledge Coalition (Kenniscoalitie), drafting the Dutch Science Agenda and accommodating the committee for large-scale Scientific Infrastructure. NWO collaborates in this with various stakeholders from science, both inside and outside science.

The Knowledge Coalition is made up of the universities (Association of Universities in the Netherlands - VSNU), the universities of applied sciences (Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences -Vereniging Hogescholen), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), NWO, the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW), the Large Technological Institutions (TO2) and Royal Association MKB-Nederland. 

Through participating in relevant international networks and organisations, NWO brings the interests and priorities of science in the Netherlands into the spotlight in discussions and negotiations on European and worldwide policy on science. NWO also delivers the Dutch input in strategic research collaboration between EU Member States (Joint Programming Initiatives). In Europe, NWO collaborates within Science Europe, a partnership of national sources of research funding.

By actively influencing European agendas, NWO promotes the connections between national and European research agendas. Because of this, Dutch researchers and public-private partnerships are better prepared when it comes to funding opportunities in European research programmes. Conversely, NWO policy is fuelled by developments in European policy and best practices of research councils in other countries.

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