It its role as a national source of funding for research, NWO ensures the quality and innovation of scientific research at universities and national research institutes. An important aspect of this is the promotion of collaboration in science on many levels: among researchers, among disciplines, among individual universities and knowledge institutions, among national and international research and among scientists and stakeholders in society. NWO does this by connecting parties, by programming research collaboratively and in conjunction and by promoting joint strategy forming.

Science and business

NWO connects science and business by such means as contributing to the Dutch Science Agenda through joint programming and by connecting the top sectors with social and international agendas. But it does this too by organising matchmaking meetings where scientists, companies, civil society organisations and departments meet each other to focus on shared priorities and challenges. The NWO institutes collaborate with public and private parties through such networks as the Industrial Liaison Officers Network.

Dutch participation in international research collaboration

NWO promotes Dutch participation in international research collaboration in a number of ways. One of these is by offering funding for international research projects in conjunction with other sources of research funding in countries important to the Netherlands. Another is by making agreements to remove barriers to researchers’ international mobility. On the basis of their research missions, the national NWO institutes take part in developing international research facilities and by so doing, ensure access for Dutch researchers. Besides this, NWO contributes towards expanding the profile of Dutch science, during trade missions, for example.

Scientific disciplines

NWO encourages collaboration between scientific disciplines because this contributes to mutual inspiration and new lines of approach in research. There will be more emphasis on collaboration in the assessment criteria for personal grants. NWO also connects people by supporting researchers in various scientific disciplines in their ambitions to formulate national strategies, such as sector plans.

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