Results 2015-2018

The results that NWO is aiming for in the coming years include:

For researchers

  • Reliable research funding that is open to all innovative ideas, monodisciplinary, multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary, curiosity-driven or societally inspired, with more room for exploratory research.
  • Talent programmes that align with young researchers' needs, opportunities and career perspectives.
  • Managing the burden of the application, evaluation and selection process for researchers.
  • More funding opportunities for collaboration among scientists: in teams, between disciplines, across institutional boundaries and with international partners.
  • More funding opportunities for strategic collaboration with a long-term perspective (5-10 years).
  • A national strategy for investments in large to very large research facilities.
  • Support for the organisation of and strategy formation by researchers.

For society

  • An inspirational Dutch Science Agenda that links scientific strengths to societal and economic challenges.
  • Linking the top sectors' research agendas  to societal challenges and international agendas.
  • More rapid and effective use of research results by means of stronger connections between fundamental, practically oriented and applied research and effective knowledge utilisation in thematic programmes.
  • Continuation and strengthening of the Dutch participation in European research programmes and of the collaboration with China, India and Brazil.
  • Open access without an embargo period to the results of publicly funded scientific research, with tailored solutions for public-private collaboration.

For the knowledge partners

  • Mutually inspiring collaboration, consolidated strenghts and shared priorities, including investments in research and innovation.
  • Strong national research institutes with national and international research facilities that collaborate extensively with universities, the business community and society, and that provide a critical mass in their discipines and as regional knowledge partners.
  • An open, professional and effective organisation, with expert knowledge of and significant support from the Dutch scientific community, that deploys its resources flexibly and powerfully across all scientific disciplines and that is a reliable partner for the parties involved.