Investing in talent and curiosity-driven research

Investing in talent and curiosity-driven research

Investing in talent and curiosity-driven research was one of the six objectives from the strategy periode 2011-2014. These priorities were the key areas NWO focused on during this period and to which programmes and financing instruments were linked.

For the period 2015-2018, NWO has formulated a new strategy. In line with this NWO, will align its programmes with the National Research Agenda. This agenda will be announced by the end 2015. Until that time, the programmes and funding instruments linked to the objectives of the previous strategy period will be maintained. In the years ahead, curiosity-driven research and talent programmes remain key areas.

Scientific breakthroughs often happen when talented scientists conduct research at their own discretion. This is why NWO invests in talented scientists and innovative research.

The best research

Through a process of peer review, scientists from around the world select the best research proposals submitted to NWO. New lines of research emerge when innovative research is encouraged. Research sometimes leads to surprising and even pioneering results.

NWO is an advocate of competitive funding, and invests in research driven by the curiosity of researchers.

Talented researchers

Talented researchers have the opportunity to start, or continue their own research. Boosting their careers through personal funding from NWO. One example is Leo Kouwenhoven, nanoscientist and 2007 Spinoza laureate. He and his research group detected the long sought-after Majorana fermion. Another example is human movement scientist Melvyn Roerdink. A Veni grant from NWO enabled him to develop a treadmill that is finding its way into rehabilitation centres in several countries.

Investing in the future

NWO rewards both emerging talent and scientists who rank among the world's best, as they in turn inspire a whole new generation of young researchers.

NWO invests in top talent to strengthen the potential of highly educated researchers. This is also an investment in the future of Dutch research, as it ensures high quality science that can compete at a world level.

Funding instruments supporting this ambition

Individual grants for scientific talent and non-programmed funding to provide opportunities for innovative ideas.

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