International collaboration

International collaboration

International collaboration was one of the six objectives from the strategy period 2011-2014. These priorities were the key areas NWO focused on during this period, and to which programs and financing instruments were linked.

For the period 2015-2018, NWO has formulated a new strategy. In line with this new strategy, NWO will align its programs with the National Research Agenda. This agenda will announced at the end of 2015 announced. Until that time, the programs and funding instruments from the previous strategy period are maintained and still valid.

Top Brazilian universities are moving up the world ranking, and India wants to embark on a journey to Mars. Scientific ambitions are not only reserved for established economies. NWO cooperates with many countries in Europe and beyond. This strengthens research and maintains the high-ranking scientific position the Netherlands occupies in the world. Talented researchers have boundless ambitions. NWO offers them the perspective of international cooperation by contributing, for example, to initiatives for seminars or joint research programmes.

Involvement and connection

NWO is involved in international research agendas and partnerships. As a result, NWO connects science in the Netherlands with science in Europe and the world. That makes it easier for Dutch researchers to gain access to competitive funding, including European funds. Examples include NWO’s contribution to FP7, and Horizon 2020 (European Commission’s research and innovation programmes). Plus active contributions to the European Research Area (ERA).

Connection in terms of content

Healthcare, energy, urbanisation and scarcity of raw materials are issues faced by countries throughout the world. With its own themes, NWO connects with European and global research themes: the Grand Challenges. The successful international embedding of Dutch research will increase the chance of breakthroughs and innovation.

Money follows researcher (MfR regulation)

Via the MfR regulation, researchers who take up an appointment at another European knowledge institution can take a remainder of their funding with them.

Programme: Money follows Researcher

Funding instruments supporting this ambiiton

NWO facilitates international cooperation to increase the attractiveness and competitive position of Dutch science.

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