Research programmes

Programmes under the theme of High Tech Systems and Materials you will find at:


Intended/concerned NWO divisions

  • NWO Physics division/FOM
  • NWO-gebied Chemical and Physical Sciences division/ACTS
  • NWO-gebied Humanities division
  • NWO-gebied Social Sciences division
  • NWO-gebied Earth and Life Sciences division
  • ZonMw
  • Technology Foundation STW
  • FOM institutes AMOLF, DIFFER and Nikhef
  • SRON
  • CWI
  • NIHC
  • eScience Center

(Intended) participation external parties

Public (departments, etc.)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
  • NL Agency
  • TNO
  • Netherlands Space Office
  • Regional Development companies (incl. SNN)
  • Holst Centre

Private (companies, funds, etc.)

  • Dutch high-tech companies, large multinationals, as well as innovative small and medium-sized companies and techno starters. The large number of companies with which the NWO umbrella has cooperated for years, provides an excellent point of departure.