Cultural and Societal Dynamics

Cultural and Societal Dynamics

Society is changing under the influence of globalisation, technology, commercialisation and individualisation. Via Twitter, Facebook and Skype, people maintain contacts the world over and, sometimes, even revolutions are started. World views and how people view each other are changing, both nationally and internationally. The relationship between the continuing scaling up of human societies and the limited scale of people as individuals is a varied and dynamic area for research.

The central question within the NWO theme Cultural and Societal Dynamics is what connects people, and what divides them. This central question is addressed within the theme on the basis of various topics: identity and the forming of identity, comprehensible language and multilingualism, religion, sport, citizenship, culture and heritage.

Researchers are working on questions such as: How should school textbooks be written to ensure that they can be understood as easily as possible? How should we handle forms of religious expression in the public domain, such as headscarves or loud bell-ringing? What is the role of sport in the integration of different population groups?

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