Research programmes

The theme Connecting Sustainable Cities currently comprises the following ongoing research programmes:

Sustainable Accessibility of the Randstad

This research programme deals with issues in the field of sustainable mobility in relation to spatial development, energy transition and climate change. Various government ministries are providing funds and content for the programme, which has been running since 2008.

URD: Urban Regions in the Delta

In URD, knowledge is being developed for a sustainable spatial planning policy and for integrated regional development in urban networks. The research focuses both on water, liveability and mobility and on issues related to governance and information systems. It concerns cases in the Netherlands and international comparative research in Europe. The programme is financed by NWO and from the FES funds (the natural gas revenues that the government uses to strengthen the knowledge economy). 

UDW: Urbanising Deltas of the World

The research programme Urbanising Deltas of the World comes under the NWO themes Water and Climate and Connecting Sustainable Cities. The programme aims to contribute to achieving worldwide water and food security and sustainable economic growth in river deltas. The first call will open in early 2012, with a deadline halfway through the year. Consortia with representatives from inside and outside academia, from both North and South, are invited to submit proposals.

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Joint Programming Initiative URBAN EUROPE

The problem of densely populated urban areas affects not just the Netherlands but also other European countries. To encourage collaboration between researchers from different countries, NWO is working on 'URBAN EUROPE’, a research programme that contributes to the vitality, liveability and accessibility of European cities.

Knowledge for Strong Cities

The research programme Knowledge for Strong Cities run by the Nicis Institute ties in with the strategic questions and challenges within urban practice. Consequently, urban parties have been involved in the research right from the formulation of the research question, and interaction is constantly taking place between cities and scientists throughout the research.

ExploRail Partnership programme

In the partnership programme ExploRail, Technology Foundation STW and ProRail are working together on scientific research in the area of Intelligent Rail Infrastructure. The programme aims to make the rail infrastructure in the Netherlands robust and reliable for the future, through groundbreaking and innovative research. The NWO Division for the Social Sciences and the former taskforce ICTRegie are contributing financially to the programme.