Ambition | Research

Ambition | Research

Collaboration for excellence and innovation

Fundamental research forms the basis for excellence and innovation. Consequently, curiosity-driven and fundamental research will remain an important focus for NWO with programmes for high-risk pioneering research.

In view of the developments in science and society, NWO will place a considerable emphasis on collaboration. The NWO institutes fulfil a national role as centres for collaboration for strategically important subjects. Collaboration between disciplines, between sectors and throughout the knowledge chain is a superb way of contributing to surprising new insights. NWO will therefore devote more attention to team science. NWO's contribution to the knowledge and innovation agenda of the top sectors and the facilitation of public-public and public-private partnerships will continue at the current level.

In addition, NWO will implement the Dutch National Research Agenda. Programmes in the Dutch National Research Agenda will be set up across the breadth of science and provide opportunities for a broad knowledge chain approach in which fundamental, strategic, practice-oriented and applied research will be connected with each other, where relevant. Non-scientific parties will also have the opportunity to be involved in realising research in these programmes.

With the Merian Fund, NWO will provide new possibilities for international collaboration with emerging science nations and developing countries.
Open Science will remain the standard in all of these initiatives. NWO will take the lead in Open Science.

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