During the strategy period 2015 - 2018, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research will continue to be committed to a strong science system in the Netherlands. NWO is building further on the policy of previous years by maintaining the current funding instruments to a large extent. By applying the appropriate focus, the developments sought in Dutch science will be supported, as expressed in the Dutch Cabinet's 2025 Science Vision.

NWO will further commit itself in the coming years to encouraging collaboration in the sciences, both nationally and internationally, but also among scientists and stakeholders in society. By bringing parties together, by programming collaborative, aligned research and by encouraging the formation of strategy.

Main points

Continuing in the direction taken in previous years, NWO will develop itself in the coming years into a broad, national research organisation that shares responsibility for Dutch science and its importance to prosperity and welfare. Key elements of this process are:

  • a widely shared vision of the dynamics of science
  • developments at home and abroad
  • good teamwork among the parties that unite for a strong science sector in the Netherlands
  • achieving tangible results for science, society and our knowledge partners


For the period 2015 - 2018, NWO will largely continue its policy and funding instruments, with an emphasis on three areas. These areas follow logically from NWO's position in the science system; they are also an answer to the dynamics of international science.

Collaboration within the sciences

By means of programming and funding, NWO will further encourage collaboration at all levels: within research groups, among scientists from various disciplines, research institutions and across national borders.

Consolidating scientific strengths for the benefit of societal challenges

NWO will take initiatives to enable stronger links that represent added value for societal and economic challenges. By contributing actively to the development and implementation of a Dutch Science Agenda, for example.

Organisation and the formation of strategy within the sciences

NWO will support the organisation of researchers within and among the disciplines, also between science, the business community and other civil society parties. The Netherlands has an interest in having researchers and other parties organise themselves effectively, both domestically and internationally, and in having them formulate strategies together on fields of science.

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