Connecting Science and Society

Connecting Science and Society

Strategy 2019-2022

In the strategic plan 'Connecting Science and Society' NWO describes the course for the period 2019 to 2022. In this plan, NWO emphasises its connecting role: making connections within science and between science and society together with its knowledge partners.

Dutch research is good and effective...

Dutch research is highly regarded and is effective thanks to a smart combination of collaboration, competition, quality assurance and a good infrastructure. The Netherlands wishes to maintain and strengthen this leading position.

… but also faces major challenges

It is a challenging time for science. Science is increasingly being called upon to help tackle complex societal issues. Science itself is becoming increasingly complex. Many different national and European agendas demand the attention of Dutch science. At the same time, the reliability of science is being called into question by some parts of society.

These developments require more collaboration in the science system and more dialogue between science and society. Besides a strong disciplinary basis, collaboration between disciplines, across sectors and throughout the knowledge chain – from fundamental to practice-oriented research – and with societal partners is more necessary than ever before.

NWO's position

NWO needs to adopt a more connecting role so that it can flexibly and resolutely anticipate developments in science and society. As an Independent Administrative Body with an important funding task, NWO is in a good position to assume this role. In 2017, NWO started a transition towards a more coherent organisation, which ensures coherent programming as well as a strong scientific basis that contributes to solutions for scientific and societal challenges. In this regard, NWO and its institutes fulfil a national role and work closely together with the Knowledge Coalition, university research groups and other knowledge institutions.

Five ambitions: nexus, people, research, infrastructure, knowledge sharing

For the period 2019-2022, NWO has formulated five ambitions along which its mission will be shaped.  NWO works on the basis of the core values: groundbreaking, committed, reliable and connecting. These are:

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Longterm programmes are based on earlier strategic plans: