Health Research and Development
NWO division

Health Research and Development

The NWO Domain Health Research and Development is managed by ZonMw. ZonMw facilitates health research and healthcare innovation: from fundamental research to the implementation of new treatments, preventative interventions or improvements in the structure of healthcare. ZonMw also participates in NWO-wide programmes. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and NWO are the principal clients of ZonMw.

The members of the HRD Domain Board are:

  • Prof. J.J.G. (Jeroen) Geurts (VU Medical Center), President, also member of the Executive Board
  • Prof. R.T.J.M. (Richard) Janssen (University of Twente), Vice President and treasurer
  • J.C. (Jacqueline) Kool (Kool consult)
  • Prof. B.C.J.M. (Bart) Fauser (University Medical Center Utrecht)
  • F.M. (Fawzia) Nasrullah (Youk√©, Sterke Jeugd)
  • M.I. (Marjolein) Verstappen (Agis Zorgverzekeringen)

Further information can be found at the website of ZonMw