NWO-WOTRO and the Dutch national research agenda

Strategic choices and collaboration are needed to further strengthen the top position of Dutch science. In order to realise this, the government has given the assignment to develop a National Research Agenda (NWA). In this process, NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development - together with various partners - is firmly committed to embedding an inclusive global perspective in the Dutch science agenda.

In September 2015, the member states of the United Nations agreed to do their utmost to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. The Netherlands is one of these member countries. The Dutch National Research Agenda was also being drawn up at that time. Everyone could submit research questions. Out of the 11,000 questions that were received, 140 umbrella questions were formulated clustered around 20 interconnecting routes. Many of these routes focus on the Netherlands with little attention for inclusive global aspects. This is why NWO-WOTRO has drawn up a route aimed at ‘Sustainable Development Goals for inclusive global development’.

This SDG-route is approached from the point of view of global inclusive development focusing on the most vulnerable societies in the world. This is both a route in itself, and also a route that complements the other Dutch Research Agenda routes: eventually every Dutch National Research Agenda route should embrace the inclusive global aspect. NWO-WOTRO will work towards realising this goal.

Call for proposals 2018

No less than 70 million euros will be available for the Dutch National Research Agenda in 2018. On 6 June, an information and network meeting was organised for this route. During this meeting, the ORC-call for proposals and the SDG route were presented and discussed. One of the outcomes was, that the participants wished to share research ideas and expertises. The call for matchmaking events might provide a good opportunity to develop further matchmaking activities.

Supporting consortium fomation

To support consortium formation, NWO-WOTRO will inventarise and share proposals in development. If you wish to share your SDG-research idea to find missing expertise (fellow researchers and potential partners), you can fill out the form underneath. The data will be mailed to the participants every two weeks.

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