WOTRO within NewNWO

NWO changes. The NewNWO continues to facilitate excellent scientific research, but will be more decisive and focus on working across disciplinary boundaries. Besides, NWO intends to pay even more attention to cooperation between science and society.

A milestone in the transition was 1 January 2017. From then, NWO has been organised - alongside an organisation for the  research institutes – in four instead of nine research areas: Exact and Natural Sciences (ENS), Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW), Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) and ZonMw. A collegial Board steers the NewNWO under the inspiring leadership of chairman Prof. Stan Gielen. From the domains, Prof. Ineke Braakman (ENS), Prof. Wim van den Doel (SSH), Prof. Jeroen Geurts (ZonMw) and Prof. Jaap Schouten (TTW) form the Board of Directors. Caroline Visser MSc is responsible for operations and finance.

For NWO WOTRO, the new structure offers improved opportunities to implement its mission. NWO WOTRO is positioned as a forerunner of cross-domain, interdisciplinary programming. In legal terms the transition meant that the NWO WOTRO foundation ceased to exist. The WOTRO team made a new start under an autonomous Steering Committee, mandated by the NWO Governing Board. Two of the former board members, Prof. Wiebe Bijker and Prof. Rietje van Dam are part of the new Board. To embed the cooperation with the four domains, the Steering Committee will be completed with members representing the domains. At present it is not known which members though.

For our researchers and stakeholders there won’t be major changes: the activities of NWO WOTRO - focusing on scientific excellence, demand-driven, interdisciplinarity, co-creation, intercultural cooperation and knowledge utilisation - remains untouched. The mission also remains the same, though closer cooperation with research on inclusive global development will be better anchored in the new organisation. The various NWO instruments will also be better coordinated, to make sure so that the submission of cross-domain research proposals becomes easier.

The NWO WOTRO office

In the NewNWO, the WOTRO team will be a contact point for research on inclusive global development. The team will be led by a team leader (to be appointed) and is functionally placed within the SSH domain, led by Dr Dirk-Jan den Boer.