Besides funding research, NWO also wants to fulfil a connecting role. NWO has defined five ambitions to realise its objectives, which are also leading for the vision and objectives of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) for the period 2019-2022. View the summary of the vision document "Technology for People and Society".

Solving societal issues

The NWO Domain AES carries out its activities in an increasingly dynamic and complex arena. Politics, industry and society are asking science to help solve societal issues. Research in the applied and engineering sciences and the application of its outcomes play a crucial role in that. Yet at the same time, the vitality of the applied and engineering sciences field is under pressure.

Mission and objectives AES

The mission of NWO Domain AES is a response to this context: facilitating applied and engineering sciences research that yields applications and impact for people and society.
The domain will give shape to this AES vision by focussing on the following three objectives for the period 2019-2022:

  1. a strengthened applied engineering sciences foundation
  2. efficient innovation chains
  3. visible societal impact.

How to realise the objectives?

The steps that NWO Domain AES will take towards realising these objectives fall within the five NWO ambitions.

Which actions will NWO Domain AES take with regard to:

Nexus  - connecting agendas, science and society

Actions NWO Domain AES

  • encouraging and supporting the organisation of the applied and engineering sciences field.

  • making choices for societal themes and key technologies, whereby the shaping of agendas and the harmonisation of programmes will be facilitated in consultation with partners in the innovation chains.

  • collecting and making accessible policy-related information from projects of NWO Domain AES so that trends in technology and science areas can be signalled and used for developments in the top sectors and societal challenges.

  • organising the NWO Innovation Festival Teknowlogy, with an overview of technological innovations from all NWO programmes.

NWO ambiton Nexus 

People - perspective for researchers

Actions NWO Domain AES

  • giving researchers the opportunity to develop their own line of research via the NWO Talent Scheme programme.
  • increasing the diversity of researchers by deploying additional funding in the Talent Scheme programme for the participation of women and researchers with an ethnic background.
  • awarding prizes to researchers and research teams in various phases of their career/development.
  • supporting researchers in their development by making scientific knowledge applicable.

NWO ambiton People

Research – collaboration for excellence and innovation

Actions NWO Domain AES

  • increasing the structural budget for the Open Technology Programme by 20% to 26 million euros per year.
  • using indirect government funding from the Sectorplan Techniek (Sector Plan Technology) for exploratory applied and engineering sciences research.
  • contributing to the design of thematic calls in the Dutch National Research Agenda and innovation policy in the new top sectors approach driven by mission and key technology.
  • reducing the application pressure in AES funding instruments.
  • facilitating the involvement of SMEs in research programmes and projects.

NWO ambition Research

Infrastructure - accessible and sustainable scientific infrastructure

Actions NWO Domain AES

  • facilitating the accessibility and opportunities for the applied and engineering sciences in national and international instruments for large scientific infrastructure.
  • including budget for infrastructure in all funding instruments.

NWO ambition Infrastructure 

Knowledge transfer - effective use of knowledge through co-design and co-creation

Actions NWO Domain AES

  • facilitating societal impact by strengthening the role of user committees in research projects.
  • including the concept of user committees in thematic programmes in the Dutch National Research Agenda and top sectors.
  • collaborating with partners (including 4TU, TO2, government ministries) during the further development of the start-up ecosystem in the Netherlands.
  • offering modules in existing and new funding instruments for realising the programmes Industrial Doctorates and Societal Doctorates.
  • including the module proof-of-concept grant and funding instruments to allow researchers to explore the societal potential of research.
  • monitoring the societal impact of research and making the results of this impact visible.

NWO ambition Knowledge transfer

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