User committees at NWO

By investing in research at NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES), you gain the opportunity to be the first to use the knowledge acquired. For companies and other partners this provides unique possibilities to utilise technological knowledge at an early stage.

Bijeenkomst gebruikerscommissie (foto: Ivar Pel)
Meeting user committee (photo: Ivar Pel)

Reliable network

To stimulate that process, all of the parties involved in an AES project form a reliable network. Together they exchange ideas about the progress of the research and the possibilities for valorisation. NWO refers to these networks as ‘user committees’. 


For all projects, NWO organises a meeting every six months. All members of the committee, researchers as well as the investing partners, come together for this. The meetings are a very suitable way for companies or partners to remain involved in the research but also to contribute ideas to the progress of the research.

View the animation about user committees at NWO Domain AES (YouTube)

Vision and expertise

As all parties literally come together, there are plenty of opportunities to informally learn from each other’s expertise and vision with respect to the research themes. NWO chairs the meetings and ensures that valorisation opportunities are optimally utilised.

Would you like to know more about user committees? Then please contact the programme officers Anke Stekelenburg and Xavier Weenink (see column on the right).


Ms. dr. ir. Anke Stekelenburg (Senior programme officer) Ms. dr. ir. Anke Stekelenburg (Senior programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001314


Mr. dr. X. (Xavier) Weenink (Programme officer) Mr. dr. X. (Xavier) Weenink (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001 242