Funding via NWO

Companies and other partners who want to invest in innovation together with NWO can realise that investment through a variety of programmes. NWO Domain AES works with programmes that are specifically aimed at enabling researchers, companies and other organisations to work together in an optimal manner. In doing so, AES provides tailored solutions: the programmes can match the needs of every type of organisation and many research requests.


Organizations that want to invest in a research theme can enter into a Partnership with NWO. Together with NWO, the organization (or consortium) translates the research need into a sharp research question. NWO subsequently organises an open call for research proposals, possibly preceded by a matchmaking between researchers and the organization concerned if required. Subsequently NWO selects the best proposals based on the scientific quality and fit within the theme of the Partnership programme. 

Partnership characteristics 

  • Organizations take the initiative with their own research theme
  • Organizations can initiate a partnership independently or as a consortium
  • Open call for research proposals
  • NWO and the partner organization both contribute half of the costs
  • The maximum contribution from NWO is 1.5 million euros
  • Guidance from NWO in realising progress of the programme

 For further information please contact the programme officer Gerdine Stout (see column on the right).


Innovation that has an economic and societal impact often requires a large-scale approach. New lines of research need to be set up, old networks need to be superseded and close collaboration needs to be created between researchers and industry. The funding instrument Perspectief meets these needs.

Within Perspectief, companies and researchers can realise a sizeable research programme. Such a programme usually consists of five to six projects that approach the overarching theme from different research directions. Each year NWO organises an open call for new programme ideas. Following an external selection process, the best programme proposals will subsequently receive funding. The budget made available by NWO for the Perspectief programmes depends on the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Perspectief characteristics

  • Participants develop new technology via a multidisciplinary approach
  • Companies and researchers jointly submit a programme proposal
  • NWO contributes at least 1.5 million euros and at most 4 million euros per programme 
  • Companies contribute at least 30 percent of the total programme costs
  • Guidance from NWO in realising progress of the programme

 For further information please contact the Perspectief coordinators Anke Stekelenburg and Bastiaan de Jonge (see column on the right).

Open Technology Programme

The Open Technology Programme is aimed at excellent research that might lead to an application. The programme is a low-threshold way for companies to connect with scientific research that must lead to applicable knowledge. 

To be eligible for NWO funding from this programme an academic needs to submit a project proposal. In the proposal, one or more partners state their wish to participate in the project and pledge a contribution. That can be a financial contribution but also a contribution in the form of knowledge or materials.

Characteristics of the Open Technology Programme

  • Low-threshold way for companies to connect with application-oriented research
  • Open for research projects in all scientific disciplines
  • Several companies and partners can participate in a single project
  • The maximum contribution from NWO is 750,000 euros per project
  • Guidance from NWO in realising progress of the programme

For further information about the Open Technologieprogramma please contact programme officers Shirley Baert or Erwin Onderdijk (see column on the right).


Ms. dr. ir. Anke Stekelenburg (Senior programme officer) Ms. dr. ir. Anke Stekelenburg (Senior programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001314


Mr. drs. Bastiaan de Jonge (Programme officer) Mr. drs. Bastiaan de Jonge (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001273


Dr Gerdine Stout (Programme officer) Dr Gerdine Stout (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001325


Ms. S. (Shirley) Baert (Programme officer) Ms. S. (Shirley) Baert (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 600 13 26


Erwin Onderdijk (Senior programme officer) Erwin Onderdijk (Senior programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001290