Funding for innovative starters

Researchers who want to market knowledge from their research can apply for funding from NWO for further development of their idea. NWO has three possibilities for this: Take-off Phase 1, Take-off Phase 2 and Demonstrator.


With the Take-off programme, NWO encourages industriousness and entrepreneurship at Dutch universities and other research institutions. By providing Take-off grants and loans, NWO encourages researchers to develop their innovative ideas further. This may involve innovation in the broadest sense of the word, within all scientific disciplines (natural sciences/engineering, life sciences and the humanities/social sciences).

The budget for Take-off is made available by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry for Education, Culture and Science.

Take-off phase 1: feasibility study

Researchers who want to investigate whether it is feasible to commercialise an innovative research result can apply for a grant in Take-off phase 1. The maximum grant available for such a feasibility study is 40,000 euros. Researchers who are employed at universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutes can also submit a funding proposal.

Characteristics of Take-off phase 1:

  • Grant for setting up a feasibility study
  • Maximum grant size 40,000 euros


Take-off phase 2: early phase trajectory

Innovative starters can apply for a grant to further develop their new company, for example to attract more funding from external parties. The loan of maximum 250,000 euros is available for researchers who are employed at academic institutions, universities of applied sciences and TO2 institutes. 

Characteristics of Take-off phase 2:

  • Loan for the further development of a start-up
  • Maximum loan size 250,000 euros

For further information please contact Xavier Weenink, coordinator of the Take-off programme (see column on the right). 


Mr. dr. X. (Xavier) Weenink (Programme officer) Mr. dr. X. (Xavier) Weenink (Programme officer) +31 (0)30 6001 242