Would you like to submit a project application?

Applications can only be submitted if a call from the NWO Domain Applied and Technical Sciences (AES, formerly Technology Foundation STW) has been opened. On the Open calls page you will find an overview of all financing instruments that are currently open for applications. Deadlines and guidelines for submission are stated for each call. General documents regarding the submission of project applications can be found below. Documents that are specifically required for the relevant open call are presented alongside the call.

Staying informed

Are you planning to apply or participate in research, funded by AES? Stay informed about open calls.

Stay informed about open calls of AES

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is crucial at NWO Domain AES. You should always take this into account when making plans or writing an application.

Scientific integrity

NWO wants to prevent and trace science fraud and thereby aligns with the policy of the universities and KNAW. The NWO scientific integrity policy applies to the application phase and the post-remuneration phase. It concerns awareness, reports and possible interventions.

Guidelines for funding proposals

In the the document ‘Guidelines for funding proposals (OTP)’ notes on several topics can be found e.g.:

  • Intellectual Property & Publication arrangements;
  • Co-funding;
  • Requirements for AES Letters of Support;
  • Personnel positions;
  • Project-specific costs;
  • Required forms;
  • Assessment procedure (including Evaluation items and Evaluation scales).

Documentation for application

Documentation Open Technology Programme (OTP)

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