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Applied and Engineering Sciences

The mission of NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) is to facilitate applied and engineering sciences research that yields applications and impact for people and society. The domain will give shape to this mission by focussing on the following three objectives for the period 2019-2022: a strengthened applied engineering sciences foundation, efficient innovation chains and visible societal impact.

Within NWO, the AES Domain realises the funding of research via several strategic lines:

Apply for funding

It is currently possible to apply for funding via the open calls of the NWO Domain AES. The AES Domain Board will take decisions about awarding of funds.

Open calls for the applied and engineering sciences:

Participating in research

NWO gives companies and other organisations the opportunity to invest in research that connects with their own research wishes. By participating in scientific projects via NWO Domain AES, investors can play a key role in the development of valuable innovation.


The AES Domain Board is responsible for developing the policy. The Domain Board takes decisions about the awarding of funds. The president is a member of the NWO-wide Executive Board.

The office of the AES Domain realises the established policy and prepares new policy to support the Domain Board. The office is the first point of contact for researchers and connects the scientific field with NWO. Its staff members deal with funding applications, manage programmes, encourage valorisation at project and programme level and provides office support for the public-private innovation programmes. The director of the AES office is Dr. ir. Herry Nijhuis.

Funding of NWO Domain AES

NWO Domain AES receives funding from the Ministry of Education Culture and Science (OCW), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK), the business community and various other organisations to carry out its mission.

Technology Foundation STW

NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences has been operational since 1 January 2017 and is a continuation of Technology Foundation STW.

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