Strategy NWO Social Sciences and Humanities

The NWO organisation is undergoing fundamental changes. One aspect of the new governance is that the current science divisions and foundations of NWO have been clustered into four domains with effect from 1 January 2017. Social Sciences and Humanities is one of these four domains. The former NWO Division for the Social Sciences and the former NWO Division for the Humanities have been merged in this domain.

To prepare for this new situation and the formation of the Social Sciences and Humanities domain, the boards of NWO Social Sciences and NWO Humanities established a strategic starting point for the collaboration of the two NWO divisions in 2016 and 2017.

The boards jointly stated the following ambitions:

  • Strengthen the distinctive fundamental research by the best researchers, so that the Dutch social sciences and humanities can retain their position at the top of European academia.
  • Contribute to the solving of societal problems and ensure that knowledge from the social sciences and humanities enters society.
  • Realise closer collaboration between the social sciences and humanities whilst retaining the individual recognisability, diversity and uniqueness of the disciplinary activities within the domain.
  • Determine the combined agenda for collaboration with the other NWO domains and institutes, as well as external parties.

The strategy memoranda of the separate divisions have been combined in the joint strategic starting points.

Strategic starting points for the collaboration between Humanities and Social Sciences 2016-2017 (in Dutch)

Strategic memorandum NWO Social Sciences 2015-2018 (in Dutch)

Humanities for the future. Towards a new balance (in Dutch)