Publication cultures NWO Social Sciences and Humanities

Selection committees, which must compare candidates from different research disciplines, require knowledge about the publication cultures of those disciplines. For example, do researchers mainly publish in articles or in books? Is it standard practice to state one author or a series of authors? And in the last case: are the authors stated in alphabetical order or in accordance with the size of their contribution? This type of knowledge is necessary to accurately estimate the quality of the CVs of researchers requesting funding. The various publication cultures within the social sciences and humanities have therefore been investigated and itemised.

Research into publication culture


NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities makes the findings of this research  available to selection committees and asks committee members to use the research as a tool when assessing the quality of researchers.

About the research into publication cultures

In 2016, the research agency ‘AO Consult’ was asked to itemise and describe the differences between publication cultures in the (sub)disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. The aim of the research into publication cultures was:

  1. to itemise the importance attached to different types of publications in the various (sub)disciplines in the humanities;
  2. to assess whether the available descriptions of publication cultures of the (sub)disciplines within the social sciences were still up to date;
  3. to realise up-to-date outcomes that can be used for the assessment of research proposals.

The descriptions of the publication cultures state the current situation as revealed by the study. These descriptions are regularly assessed and, if necessary, adjusted so that they continue to be useful for the assessment of proposals.