International collaboration at SSH

The NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities participates in several international initiatives and networks with the aim of connecting Dutch researchers with foreign researchers and large infrastructures, so that Dutch science can progress further. Below, you will find an overview of the programmes and networks that the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities participates in within Europe and the rest of the world.

SSH's efforts are linked to NWO policy

SSH's efforts in the area of international collaboration are closely linked to NWO's internationalisation policy. International collaboration is one of the five key areas of the NWO strategy 2015-2018. International collaboration remains a key theme in the NWO strategy 2019-2022. One of the new elements for the years 2019-2022 is the Merian Fund. International collaboration with emerging science nations plays an important role in that fund. Furthermore, NWO will ease the requirements for the 'Money Follows Researcher’ scheme, so that Dutch researchers will be able to continue their project at any location in the world. Money Follows Cooperation (MFC) offers the possibility of creating added value for research projects by using expertise from abroad that is not available in the Netherlands or not present at the desired level.


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