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Request to submit publications published from NWO research projects

NWO wants to bring the output of the research it has funded to the attention of other scientists and a wider public. NWO does this, for example, via its website, news releases, newsletters and social media. Also, NWO must publish the annual publication data from research it has funded.


May we remind you to submit all publications published from your research project last year to NWO (ISAAC)?

You can submit your publications at any desired moment, but we kindly request you to do so before the end of each calendar year. Furthermore, a publication must have been published before you submit this information via ISAAC. Publications 'in press' should not be submitted as a product in ISAAC.

Data management plan

After a project has been awarded funding the project leader should elaborate the data management section into a data management plan (DMP).


If you experience any technical problems with logging in or with submitting your products, then please contact the ISAAC helpdesk via +31 20 346 7179 (on workdays from 10.00 hours to 17.00 hours) or

For any other questions, please get in touch with your contact person from the domain which funded your project. NWO looks forward to receiving your publications via ISAAC.


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