Information about the organisational changes and the consequences thereof for research funding

Since 1 January 2017, the new NWO organisation has been operational. The NWO governance and organisation have been made clearer and more coherent to safeguard the optimal realisation of our key task both now and in the future. The nine divisions that NWO consisted of have now been clustered into four domains. The former NWO Social Sciences Division and NWO Humanities Division have been merged into a single domain: Social Sciences and Humanities. The previous two divisional boards have been replaced by a single domain board.

The merging of the Humanities Division and the Social Sciences Division has consequences for the research funding in the research areas concerned. This will mainly be noticeable in the new funding instruments that will be developed. The following applies to any changes to the existing funding instruments: current instruments will essentially remain unchanged until a decision about a change has been taken. Such a decision will be announced via the website of NWO at least six months before the change becomes effective. Researchers can then prepare for changes to the procedures in good time.

Further information about the organisational changes and the consequences thereof for the funding instruments can be found at